WestJet World Elite MasterCard Top Tier Status Promotion!

WestJet World Elite MasterCard Top Tier Status Promotion!

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From October 3rd through December 18th, 2016, WestJet is launching a top tier status promotion for WestJet World Elite MasterCard cardholders. WestJet has announced that WestJet World Elite cardholders will be able to achieve Silver or Gold Status if they spend a minimum amount on WestJet flights during the promotional period.

WestJet World Elite cardholders need to spend $1,000 on WestJet flights by December 18th to receive Gold Status or $500 to receive Silver Status.

This is great news for frequent fliers. WestJet’s Gold status has some outstanding perks.

Gold Flight Benefits

  • Free first and second checked bags
  • 10 airport lounge vouchers
  • 4 advance seat selection vouchers
  • No fee for same-day flight changes at check-in
  • Advance boarding (Zone 1)
  • Priority security screening (at select airports)

While all the benefits have value (which we calculate below), our favourite perk for frequent fliers is the no-fee, same day early and late show. No fee for same-day flight changes at check-in, allows you to show-up at the airport early, and if available, WestJet will put you on the earlier flight with no change fee ($75-88 for economy tickets, $50-$59 for flex fares). Likewise, if you’re meeting runs late, you can show up to the airport after your flight has taken off, and get booked on the next available flight – no charge.

Just for the fun of it, we tried to price each of the WestJet Gold status perks independently to estimate how much Gold status is actually worth.

  1. Free first and second checked bags: The WestJet World Elite MasterCard already offers free first checked bag, so the value in Gold status is in the second checked bag only. The cost of checking in a second bag is $25-$29.50.
  2. WestJet partner lounge passes typically cost $33.60 per visit. 10 lounge passes offer $330 in value!
  3. The cost for advance seat selection is usually around $10-$23. 4 vouchers offers about $100 in value.
  4. The cost of same day flight changes is anywhere from $50-$75 on economy and flex fares. If your take advantage of 6 changes a year, that $300 in value.

In order to get access to the top tier status promotion, you will have to have the WestJet World Elite MasterCard. It’s virtually free to get the first year, and in itself offers value everyone can use. Here are the features we love:

  1. Welcome Bonus: It comes with a $250 WestJet Dollar welcome bonus (available on activation, with no minimum spend threshold), which more than off-sets the $99 annual fee.
  2. Annual Companion Voucher: It also comes with an annual companion voucher, which can now be redeemed for flights within North America, Mexico, the Caribbean and England.
  3. Free Checked Bags: Free 1st checked bag for the primary cardholder and up to 8 travelling companions – an awesome deal for families and spouses.
  4. Partial Redemption: WestJet Rewards allows partial redemption. So even if you only have $150 WestJet Dollars, you can redeem them against any flight or vacation package. You don’t have to wait to accumulate 25,000 miles to redeem for a flight.

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