The Home Trust Preferred Visa Review

Annual Fee
Foreign Transaction Fees
Min Personal Income Required
Purchase Interest Rate
Recommended Credit Score
740 850 670 739 580 669 0 579
Enjoy 1% cashback with no limits to the amount of cash rewards you can earn, with a Home Trust Preferred VISA.

The Home Trust Preferred Visa is a relatively straightforward credit card, but one that offers surprising utility. Cardholders know there are few perks that work better in tandem than cash back and a $0 annual fee, and the Preferred card provides both, plus additional savings power for those who travel overseas or do a lot of online shopping in foreign currencies. With no foreign transaction fees, Home Trust provides one of the best alternatives to the universally-missed Chase Amazon card, plus some added perks that make it even more worthwhile.

Home Trust Preferred Visa Cashback Structure

Cardholders will earn cash back at a competitive rate of 1.00%, with no maximum cash back cap or restrictions on what they purchase and where. This detail makes the Home Trust Preferred card a valuable companion for those who shop in Canada, but also online or abroad. The ability to earn cash back on domestic purchases and those in a foreign currency means that cardholders can always expect that they’ll be getting 1.00% back wherever they are and for whatever they buy. It can be redeemed once yearly like many other cash back cards, by requesting it from Home Trust in December, and having it deposited in your account in January.

Notable Perks

  • $0 annual fee
  • 1.00% cash back on all purchases
  • 0% foreign transaction fees
  • Free roadside assistance membership
  • Purchase protection
  • Auto rental collision and damage insurance

The triple threat of no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees and cash back is an enticing combination. However, the Home Trust Preferred Visa goes even further by granting cardholders free membership to a roadside assistance program, which will be much appreciated should misfortune befall them on the road. The program offers emergency towing services up to 5km away, gas delivery up to 5 litres, and help with tire-changing, boosting dead batteries, towing, and retrieval of locked-in keys.


  • Limit of 10 transactions per day
  • Paying a balance by cheques for over $1,000 will freeze the account
  • Waiting period for applications is on the long side, but getting shorter
  • Cardholders are assigned a PIN, but they can change it by calling Home Trust
  • Minimum card payments can be automated, but you can’t automate to pay the full card balance
  • Not available to Quebecers

We’ll go into greater depth about some of the above limitations: citing security reasons, Home Trust will freeze an account for 10 days if a balance payment of over $1,000 is sent via cheque, as it wants to ensure that the cheque clears before offering continued credit.

Also, many applicants have reported their disappointment in Home Trust taking a long time to approve applications. Though this is unsurprising given that the Preferred card effectively plugs the gap left by Chase’s Amazon and Marriott cards, it was still disappointing. However, Home Trust has worked through most of its backlog and is now claiming to approve applicants within 2-4 weeks.

Who’s the Card For?

Travellers and online shoppers who want the tri-pronged perk of no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, and cash back will love the Home Trust Preferred card for its simplicity and efficacy. Despite the value of its comprehensive approach to travel savings and extra privileges, however, the card also inhibits certain cardholders. Those who are turned off by the card’s aforementioned downsides should consider Canada’s other credit cards that either eliminate or make up for foreign transaction fees.

Article comments

Reda says:

Hi, does someone know if hometrust visa use Equifax or TransUnion to check your credit file ? I have a big gap of points in my both credit file. Equifax rates me at 660 and TransUnion rates me @ 500. Cradit karma which uses TransUnion rates me @ 655 and I’ve been investigating with TransUnion but they don’t know what could be the problem.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Reda,

Thanks for the interesting question. Home Trust doesn’t indicate which credit bureau they rely on for credit checks and other relevant needs, but both TransUnion and Equifax are important to pay attention to regardless. If you find that one doesn’t match the other, and hasn’t for many months (as they may update on their own individual schedules) then you can file a credit dispute on the entry which has cause the discrepancy. This usually works quite well, but it requires you to order a thorough version of your reports, as the information might not be available on the free yearly score. This is why you should wait a month or two before disputing. Good luck!


Stephanie says:

For turn around time approval, its less than a week.
Applied Tues morning, credit karma alerted me on Sunday I have a new account. And NO inquiry in my report! Wha?? So bizarre.
Although I got the basic low $500 limit. Just recieved another much higher new cc the week before, so probably the issue.
I’m assuming I’ll receive my card this week.
Lightening fast if you ask me.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Stephanie,

Indeed, Home Trust has improved operations significantly from just a year ago, when it got some bad press for its obnoxious application approval times (among other issues). Now, we’ve confirmed from Home Trust that applications take a maximum of 6 weeks, and you’re clearly no exception. We’d expect to receive it within the week as well. Enjoy the card, and remember that with responsible and frequent use, Home Trust will expand your credit limit relatively fast.


Roxann Thibert says:

If one’s income is slightly below 15,000 at 13,000, do they make any exceptions for Missionaries or those who are in religious life?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Roxann,

Thanks for getting in touch with us at GreedyRates. Essentially, when a bank scrutinizes your application for one of their credit cards, what they’re actually doing is determining a comprehensive picture of your creditworthiness. Income is just one of several factors that are relevant to their decision—others include your current debts, assets, credit score and other variables. This might include any kind of stipend or pension that your religious organization gives you.

Our advice is to find an accessible card, exactly like the Home Trust Preferred Visa. Trying your luck with this card, even if you’re under the minimum income requirement, could be risky. The hard credit check that occurs with each application (and knocks your credit score a bit) would be for nothing if you aren’t approved, so if you’re not confident then try to boost your score a bit before the application. Best of luck!


anonorama says:

Got this card recently, no complaints other than small credit limit of $1500 to start. Got primarily to save the 2.5%. Applied and had the card within 3 weeks. Worked all over France. Can change PIN if you want. No annual fee, so nothing to lose really. Bonus tip I learned: If you link this card with Paypal, change your Paypal setting so it will not convert to Canadian $ first and will charge you in the original currency… otherwise you’ll still pay Paypal the 2.5%!

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Anonorama!

Good to hear from you! We’re glad that you’ve had a great experience with Home Trust, and are liking their wildly popular Preferred Visa as well. It’s great to hear you got the card quickly, that you could change your PIN code, and that it’s been a reliable payment method while you’ve been in France. What’s even more interesting is that you’ve managed to find a nice trick for attaching your PayPal account to the Home Trust Visa. This is very relevant for Canadians who use PayPal and find that many banks don’t support it or make it hard to use.

It’s true that PayPal has an option to prevent the automatic conversion into Canadian dollars, and it’s a great tip to exercise it before linking your account! Thanks again.


Dmitry says:

I have a HT Preferred VISA for more than 2 years. It works fine in Japan and EU, but not working in Mexico. Have been trying in 2 shops.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the report! We’re always privy to incoming information from cardholders like yourself, who are familiar with the spotty support for Home Trust abroad. The issuer is quickly buttoning up their network and fixing issues as they come up, and we’re happy to say that for the most part Home Trust cardholders can now rely on it abroad as much as they can a Visa or Mastercard from BMO or one of the other Big Five. If you’re not seeing that it’s accepted in Mexico, it could be a merchant issue or a country-wide support issue: we’re not sure. Two shops isn’t the biggest sample size so for now, avoid trying to force using the card too much, lest you risk Home Trust’s fraud team getting too eager and locking you out. Let us know how the situation plays out as well.


Viv says:

Hi, I’m going to Europe (Germany, Turkey and Greece), does the Home Trust Visa Collision/Loss Damage Insurance program cover rental car in Europe?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Viv,

Home Trust’s coverage for rental vehicle damage and collision works for all rental cars, even in most European countries. You should beware of certain countries which don’t let you decline the rental company’s Collision and Damage Waiver (CDW), however. Specifically, Italy and Ireland won’t let you go without purchasing this insurance, but everywhere on your list will allow you to. Germany, Turkey, and Greece all let customers rely on their credit card’s insurance, so even if the agent is skeptical you can still decline. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of coverage carefully, as always, and drive safe!


Vanman says:

Do you know if France, Spain and Portugal are covered for collision under the card’s insurance.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Vanman,

In countries like France, car rental companies are required to provide third party liability insurance in the base price, which covers damage to vehicles and property not including the rental vehicle itself. However, you’ll still want to purchase a CDW (collision damage waiver) for the car via the rental agency if you want full coverage for damage to the car you’re renting, but this can be declined since you have Visa’s collision and loss damage coverage via the Home Trust Preferred card. Spain and Portugal do not require auto rental agencies to cover third party damage, so it might be savvy to buy this extra even with the Home Trust card on you. Better safe than sorry—and good luck!


Jeffyorama says:

I have a vacation purchase payment coming up that is higher than my Home Trust Visa credit limit. Is it possible to prepay the card so that it doesn’t go over my limit?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Jeffyorama,

Thanks for the interesting question. Before determining that a prepayment (if possible) is the right way to go about this, have you tried to ask the booking agency if the vacation can be paid with a cheque, or in installments? Many merchants make it easy to do both, and if so then you can avoid trying to fit one enormous payment on a credit card that doesn’t have an appropriate credit limit. Another option is simply to call Home Trust and inquire if they allow prepayments. We’re not sure, but our educated guess (and familiarity with Home Trust’s relative newness to the Canadian banking sector) is that you won’t be able to, as most cards’ credit limits cannot be adjusted unless they’re approved for increase by the bank itself. This is your last option: to call Home Trust and ask for a larger credit limit. Good luck!


Techie says:

Here is my experience with this HomeTrust Visa card after being a client for a year.

When the amazon Canada card was cancelled, I signed up for this HomeTrust Preferred card and let me tell you, it’s been the worst piece of garage card I have in my cards. From the beginning, it took 3-4 months for them to process the application. Their online portal is absolutely horrid and looks like a 1st year graphic design student has created with limited features. I have not been able to modify my PIN number until recently. They do not answer the support calls when needed and long holds and rude poor customer service. Yesterday I had an incident where they locked me out for a small purchase and I called them and they said they are closed until tomorrow; this was absurd, I have never had this experience with any other credit card company. I called them today and they said they can only offer card service help M-F between 8am-8pm; all other companies are 24-hours! I called and cancelled this card today and even then, the lady was rude. To add insult to injury, she said I lose all of my cash-back rewards for the entire 2019.

I have now signed up for the Rogers WorldElite MC instead. They provide 24/7 service with options to take my cashback right away instead being held hostage for 1-year.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Techie,

We’re sorry you found it tough to receive immediate help with your recent Home Trust purchase, and we understand your frustrations with the card so far. However, we think your issue originated largely because you sent in your application for the Home Trust Preferred card along with the rest of Canada: right after Chase took their somewhat-similar Amazon card off the market. During this period, the small online bank was buried under thousands and thousands of applications and was backed up for months, which is why it took so long to get your card initially.

Now, Home Trust is sending off approvals and envelopes stuffed with brand new Preferred cards just 4-6 weeks after receiving an application. Their network is also maturing very quickly in terms of features and support, and as you noticed you can now change your PIN instead of being forced to use an assigned one. Ultimately, however, the only thing we care about is that it fulfills its main promise: $0 annual fee, 0% foreign transaction fees, and 1% cash back. Stacking these three benefits into the same card means we can readily ignore its minor inconveniences.

Enjoy your Rogers World Elite Mastercard. If we had to pick another card to stand with the Home Trust Preferred in this category, that would be it.


Dave says:

Need to update this article. You can now call the automated number 1-833-263-2828 and change your pin to your own liking.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Dave,

Thanks for coming to GreedyRates! It’s true, by calling Home Trust you can now change your PIN code to whatever you like. This seems like a pretty banal feature, but when you consider that Home Trust forced its customers to commit randomly-assigned PINs to memory (under penalty of being locked out of your account for a single mistyped PIN!) it’s a much bigger deal. It’s not the only one-eighty that Home Trust has done in recent months either. The card experienced some frustrating issues in the period following Chase Bank’s exit from Canada, all of which are now cleared up. Glad you’ve discovered the same!

We’ll go ahead and update the article to avoid people missing out on this awesome deal. Thanks again for the comment.


Lisa W. says:

Can you pay your balance for this card online?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Lisa,

Yes you can, and in fact, Home Trust is an online-only bank. This means you will make online payments and manage your account without needing to go into a branch, which is subjectively good or bad depending on your preferences. To us, it’s extraordinarily convenient! Enjoy.


Jerry says:

I had been a client of theirs for several years and everything was fine. I cancelled my card last year a I no longer needed it.

Now came the horrible part. A year later they started to make “hard inquiries” on my credit file. I contacted them about these false inquiries and they confirmed that I had not made them. I was told I would receive a call back in 3 days to explain why it happened and to correct the errors that were now damaging my credit score. No call back – ever.

Filed a complaint with Equifax, but Home Trust told them I had applied for credit – BS. I asked for a copy of my so-called application but they haven’t been able to produce it. And they still won’t remove the false inquiries.

Use this company with great caution. All your credit rebuilding could be destroyed by one of their computer glitches.

Equifax has advised me to go to Consumer Affairs Canada, which is what I will do tomorrow.

Good luck.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Jerry,

What an interesting comment, and a strange and unfortunate event! If your account with Home Trust was closed after having the awesome Preferred card, there should be no reason why the bank is doing hard inquiries on your credit. Sounds like a mistake to us, and we believe that following up with Consumer Affairs Canada is a great idea, because we’ve never once encountered this problem and haven’t received reports about it from our many readers either. Let us know how the visit with Consumer Affairs Canada goes. We may have additional suggestions if necessary, such as a paid service which disputes entries on clients’ credit reports and chases down resolutions for you. Might cost a bit of money, but the health of your credit is worth it. Stay in touch.


Ron Cornish says:

My wife & I have our full monthly balance taken automatically from our bank account when paying our MasterCard .Can this be done with the Home Trust Preferred Visa?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Ron,

Appreciate the comment, and welcome to GreedyRates! If you’re interested in the Home Trust Preferred card but expect the same robust features and support from banks like RBC or BMO, you might be disappointed. The strengths of this card are to be cheap ($0 annual fee) and effective (0% foreign transactions fees and 1% cash back), so it may lack features in some areas that you might find important.

For example, while monthly minimum payments can be set up automatically you can’t make automatic full payments of your entire balance, so this will need to be done manually but also online. Accordingly, if you then find the Preferred Visa to not be ‘preferable’, we’d explore other options and will be happy to help in that regard as well. Just let us know!

GreedyRates Staff

Romeo says:


Cardholders can change their PINs after using the original assigned PIN the first time. Also, I read that the ability to not tap the card was a drawback. I just received my card and it does have that feature as well.

Kat says:

I applied for the card on Jan 16 and to date (March 26), I have not heard anything. Guess the process times are true

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Kat!

Glad you dropped by GreedyRates. There’s no doubt that Home Trust is one of the less mature financial institutions serving the Canadian market, and while they did experience some issues in the last year satisfying all the demand for their awesome Preferred Visa, that’s all over now (hopefully). We’ve heard countless readers in the last half-year or so report that the various problems are solved, including the long application wait, support from ATMs and card readers abroad, spotty service from the card’s chip, and more.

Home Trust representatives we’ve checked with can confirm that you should only be waiting 4-6 weeks maximum from the time of your application until you receive the Preferred card. If you applied in mid-January, that means you should’ve received it a couple weeks ago. Call over to Home Trust to inquire about the status of your application, and then get back to us with the answer if you like. Sorry that you’re seemingly the exception to Home Trust’s recent customer service improvement! It will get better, but if not, we’re here to help.


Ben says:

I applied for the Home Trust visa on November 21, 2018 and have not heard a thing from them nor received any mail.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Ben,

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. Wow! That’s nearly 6 months with no answer from Home Trust, which leads us to believe something got lost in the mix. While Home Trust was undoubtedly overwhelmed with applications for this card at the time, thanks to Chase’s untimely exit from the Canadian marketplace (taking their foreign-feeless Amazon card with them), they’ve supposedly reduced their application turnaround time to under 6 weeks. This has been proven to us time and again with readers who have applied and been approved recently.

Call over to Home Trust and inquire. It could be that you were declined and missed the message, because if you were approved then the card would’ve arrived by now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but a quick call will clear it right up. Home Trust representatives are super nice, so you’ll find no trouble getting an answer. Good luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Morris says:

How is the Home Trust card’s exchange rate compare to the other major credit cards?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Morris,

Thanks for the inquiry about Home Trust’s Preferred card. As you’re aware, most banks use an exchange rate to determine any currency transfers that must occur after a transaction, but they may also add additional surcharges, not to mention the notorious foreign transaction fee of 2.50%. The Home Trust card exempts you from the latter, adds no additional fees onto exchange transactions, and uses the same exchange rate set by Visa International—just like most other credit cards. No surprises here: enjoy!


Jonathan says:

You can now change your PIN, I just changed mine.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Jonathan!

That’s right! The Home Trust Preferred card now allows cardholders to choose their own PIN code, which was one of the most annoying things about it in the last couple years. Most of the issues facing Home Trust’s popular Preferred card are now resolved, namely spotty support for ATMs and card readers abroad and the PIN issue, and your comment is one among a throng of others ready to report that Home Trust is back in business. Enjoy!


David says:

I received my card months ago, and I first use the card today. They now allow users to customize the PIN number. First time customer service call was very quick and friendly as well. I can’t wait to use it when I visit to the states next week.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi David!

Thanks for the encouraging comment. It’s true—the Home Trust Preferred card has now evolved into a tool that actually allows people to choose their own PIN code! Despite this feature probably feeling unremarkable to many readers, Home Trust is a newer organization that encountered some unfortunate and frustrating obstacles early after its initial issuance. One of these obstacles was that cardholders were assigned a PIN code, which is annoying when the bank decides to freeze your account for not remembering the PIN and inputting the wrong one. Thankfully, this and other issues with the Home Trust card are gone, and it’s now a shining example of just how purposeful a $0 annual fee card can be with 1.00% cash back and 0.00% on foreign transaction fees, which make travelling that much cheaper! Enjoy.


Robert D says:

I’m in Tampa Florida. Just used it for a cab ride and McDonalds breakfast. Both by chip, no pin needed. It just worked.

So super easy.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Robert!

Thanks for coming to GreedyRates and spreading the good cheer! We’re glad you’re enjoying the Home Trust Preferred card and are happy to hear the card’s chip is working flawlessly in card readers around the world—after experiencing a few rocky months post-release. Hope you’re also getting a ton of value from the card’s cash back bonus and let us know how much you love the 0.00% foreign transaction fees should you find yourself abroad!


Eddie says:

Helpful review. Does anyone know if this card synchronizes with Mint? I have just cancelled my President Choice MasterCard because they don’t allow the transactions to be uploaded on Mint, so that’s the only thing that I want to check before applying.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Eddie,

Thanks for coming to GreedyRates. You know, we’ve had a lot of comments about Mint and other budgeting applications on our site recently, and many of them concern the PC Financial Mastercard’s discontinued service from some apps. It’s disappointing for sure, and bad business for PC if they want customers who are financially savvy and knowledgeable. As for Home Trust, we aren’t aware of any issues pertaining its support for Mint, but it’s always best to check with a representative from either company.

One word of caution from us: The Home Trust Preferred card seems to have overcome its past flaws, such as spotty support abroad and quirks like an assigned PIN code, but the bank is by no means as mature as BMO or RBC. It might affect whether or not Mint and other apps are able to be seamlessly integrated without issues such as security lockouts, for example. Either way, sorry we couldn’t be of better help and good luck in your search.



have used the card in Portugal,Spain, Gibraltar and U.S. had no problems anywhere received cash back automatically in new year and just seen recently that you are able to change your pin now also.
great card.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Thomas!

Great news, thanks for coming to report it to us. We love receiving testimonials of the cards we review, and nothing makes us happier than to get one about the Home Trust Preferred card. We haven’t heard about the ability to finally change your PIN (they used to assign you an unchangeable PIN) and it will be great to report it to other readers once we can confirm. That (along with its patchy international support) was one of our biggest pet peeves, and we’ll be happy to put it to rest. Thanks again.


Jackie says:

Thanks Thomas, good to know it works in Portugal. I’ll be going there next month and will be my first time trying the card abroad.

Kevin says:

I had this card for 11 months. Limit of $2500. I did take a few weeks to come in the mail. I have recently closed it for an acceptance in an AMEX card. When they asked why I am closing it, I told them:
– No APP for online access
– Can’t change the PIN
– No TAP for purchases and can’t add to Apple Pay
– Slow Customer Service

Other than these areas, the card wasn’t all that bad in the way of rewards and fees.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Kevin,

We highly appreciate you coming and posting your candid review of the Home Trust Preferred card, and though you did encounter some minor things that didn’t align with your preferences, we feel your feedback is accurate. Home Trust is a pretty barebones bank for those who are used to the in-person service and many departments of banks like MBNA or BMO, but herein also lies its advantage. The card offers spartan benefits such as 0.00% on foreign transaction fees, $0 annual fee, and 1.00% cash back. That’s about it.

To provide these great yet basic perks to as many cardholders as possible, there can’t be overheads that beg the addition of full support teams and sophisticated online functionality. The card simply works and doesn’t need to provide any frills to sweeten the deal. Though you won’t find mobile application support or be able to customize your pin, travellers get what they need, and for this we value the Home Trust Preferred card even among stiff competition in the Canadian market.


Darlene M. Lee says:

I have a Canadian version of the Home Trust VISA Preferred credit card and it does not work at some stores, such as Hy Vee, Walmart, Kwik Shop and BP Gas so far. I states invalid PIN or declined after I enter in my PIN number. I called Home Trust and they said the chip is different from Canada so that’s why it doesn’t work in the US. I was wondering if anyone else had these problems? I want to use at Costco (hoping to use) since they are now VISA. Am I going to have this problem throughout my trip to US? Really frustrating…

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Darlene,

Indeed, the Home Trust Visa Preferred card has had some very rare issues that some cardholders experience when using it abroad. Merchants that prefer customers to pay with the chip reader are usually the problem, and though most places support both magnetic swipe and chip payments, this isn’t universal. We don’t think you’ll encounter many problems as a whole when travelling in the US, as the vast majority of our readers report that it works wonderfully, but it’s always smart to carry a backup card just in case. Safe travels!


Sandie says:

We have used it a wal mart in the US a number of times in the last week. There is an issue if you key in your pin too fast. Press the numbers slowly and it works great.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Sandie!

Great to hear from you. We welcome any positive or negative feedback about the credit cards on our site, and this goes double for the Home Trust Preferred card. With a rough history fraught with obstacles concerning the newness of the card and its growing network, more comments like yours are coming in that provide an optimistic picture. Home Trust’s best 0.00% foreign transaction fee and 1.00% cash back took is great on paper, but some issues with its chip (which are now resolved) put that into question. No longer!


Marne says:

I have used mine at Costco in Bellingham several times with no issue, most recently this past weekend.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Marne,

Great comment! We’re glad to keep hearing positive reports about the Home Trust Preferred card, as it experienced some shortcomings in the months following its highly-anticipated introduction into the Canadian credit card market (post-Chase Amazon card which also delivered cash back with no foreign transaction fee). It’s awesome to confirm that the card works at Costco, as this is such a big part of Canadians’ lives and an enormous convenience, so thanks for stopping by. Enjoy it!


Richard Harfouche says:

I have an top excellent credit score with all my credit cards. I used Amazon visa the two last years for foreign transaction until they close.
My limit is 26 000 dollars with Amex, 10 000 dollars with RBC,Capital One ,Banque Nationale.Check my credit score with Equifax and TransUnion.You will be amazed.
The only thing is I am a Monntreal resident.
You should make exceptions and pick up excellent customers.Thank you for reading.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hello Richard!

Thanks for the great feedback! We happen to agree with you that it’s a bit disappointing for some residents to be left out of Home Trust’s lineup of cards, but that’s just how it is in Quebec unfortunately. There are some alternatives, however, if you were originally looking at the Home Trust Preferred card because of its exemption from foreign transaction fees. The Rogers Platinum Mastercard is likely the most similar for Quebec residents, and though it doesn’t directly negate these fees, it does reward a high rate of cash back that covers them entirely. Since most foreign transaction fees are 2.50%, the Platinum Mastercard’s 3.00% cash back rate on purchases made in a foreign currency nets you 0.50%.

The Rogers World Elite Mastercard is even better, and may be more fitting for someone with excellent credit and a high limit. It offers even more cash back at 4.00% on foreign transactions (online or abroad!) and then 1.75% cash back on all purchases in CAD. That makes it one of the highest flat rates for cash back in Canada. Scotiabank’s Passport Visa Infinite card is another upper-tier option for you as well if you’re a traveller who appreciates fast Scotia earnings, free VIP lounge access, and best-in-class insurance coverage. Thanks again for your concerns—we hope we’ve helped alleviate them!


Arwen says:

We are going to rent a car which will be Ford Tourneo or similar in Germany. I would to know if this credit card covers Auto rental collision and damage insurance for the above rental car.

Sharon C Reine says:

How do you get them to Increase the limit? I’ve had the card for a year prompt with payment no issues. Excellent credit rating. I’d like to use it for bigger items like a paying for a cruise. Is it just the customer service line? Is there an address to write to/

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Sharon,

Thanks for the comment. If you’re looking to increase your credit limit with Home Trust, you can try calling them. The customer service line is accessible and the representatives quite friendly, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll give you what you want. As we’re sure you know, banks commonly send offers to increase their customers’ credit, but only when the time is right. Given that they have full visibility of your financial situation, if they haven’t offered more credit, it may mean they don’t think you qualify for it yet. There’s no harm in trying though, so let us know how it goes.


Tina says:

Is the cash back paid out monthly or yearly?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Tina,

Good question! This information isn’t published in our review, but we’ll be sure to amend the article so that people know that the Home Trust Preferred Visa only allows cardholders to redeem their cash back once yearly. Like many other cards, if you’ve accrued cash back during the year, you’ll make a request to Home Trust online or over the phone in December and then receive the year’s cash back total directly to your account in January. For a card that has no income or credit requirements, no annual fee, and yet still offers cash back and exemption from foreign transaction fees, this is an obstacle that we can tolerate. Hope it’s the same for you!

If not, we’re prepared to offer alternative suggestions, but know that Rogers’ cards that defray foreign fees with accelerated cash back also work like this. The Mastercard Pay with Rewards application, which you can use with these cards, might seem like a more flexible option, but think again. Within the app you’re only allowed to pay your Rogers-related expenses on demand, so its flexibility is largely nil. The only truly flexible foreign-fee-exempt card is the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card, but it earns Scotiabank Rewards instead of cash back, and has a higher income requirement.


Demetrius says:

My February Statement shows an automatic cashback credit occurred on January 16 2019. No request was required.

jim says:

Well guys under two weeks from start to finish. card in hand. Spend a great deal in America . Glad I have this to replace my card

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Jim!

Great to hear. More frequently these days we’re receiving confirmation from our readers that the long wait times tolerated in the post-Chase days are over. Two weeks is what Home Trust itself now estimates the wait time to be, so it’s good that you’ve come to provide further evidence in their favor! We hope it works well for you and that you come back to give it a good report.


J says:

any updates on this being able to eotk in Iceland? i am leaving next week and wondering what would give me 0% FTF

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey J!

Appreciate your comment about the Home Trust Preferred Visa. The last time we heard about the issue with this Visa card not being accepted at some places in Iceland was around half a year ago, and there haven’t been any updates from readers since. A quick search of the resources we’re familiar with doesn’t immediately reveal any further findings, unfortunately, so we can only assume the problem persists. If you’re looking for a way to avoid foreign transaction fees in Iceland, opt for the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card instead (if you’re eligible according to your annual income). With a much better rewards earning model, solid insurance, and luxury perks such a 6 VIP airport lounge passes, if you can swing it—apply!

Otherwise, the two Rogers cards that merely offset foreign transaction fees with greater amounts of cash back on these purchases are OK as well. Neither have an annual fee, and they’ll be accepted in Iceland without a doubt. Your purchases will accrue these fees but if you have the regular Platinum Mastercard then they’ll also collect 3.00% cash back as well. The World Elite Mastercard by Rogers bumps this up to 4.00%, but if you have the income to attain eligibility for this card you may as well opt for the Passport Visa.


J says:

Wanted to update as of my return from iceland last week. IT WORKS!!!! I had no issues using this card in iceland, except on 2 occasions in the east of the island (one at a pre paid gas pump – which tend to have glitches ; and one inside a convenience store) so I can only assume they’ve fixed this issue. Spend quite a bit on this card so very glad for the 0% FTF ?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey J!

That’s great to hear. We’ll add your comment to the growing list of those offering testimonials of the Home Trust Preferred card’s efficacy, and that the Home Trust network is slowly working past its growing pains. It’s nice to hear you’re enjoying the 0.00% foreign transaction fees and hope that the cash back is making it even nicer over there in Iceland—enjoy!


Ian says:

I miss our Marriott Visa! Signed up for this card immediately. So far we have used it in Australia, Thailand, Mexico, and US without issue. Customer service phone line was slow at first but now is very good. They have improved considerably over the past several months. We call to advise when/where we will be travelling.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Ian!

Appreciate the nice shout-out to Home Trust! We’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how quickly Home Trust has addressed the massive amount of applications they received for this card last year, and it seems as if they’ve worked through the backlog and are now as prompt as any other issuer when it comes to processing applications, sending the card, and responding to customer inquiries. They’ve also managed to better integrate the Preferred card, which used to experience some strange nuances but now works very well abroad for every purpose.

It’s interesting that you call ahead to tell them where you’ll be going, and we wonder if that has any impact on the quality of service you receive while travelling. We’ll keep it in mind. Thanks again and enjoy the card—and the massive savings it brings!


Mandy says:

I have applied on November 28, 2018 and almost a month later no sign of my card. So yes the process is as slow as many are suggesting.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Mandy!

We’re sorry to hear that. Home Trust has been working very hard this past year to accelerate the rate at which it’s approving applications, even since its inundation with applications after the exit of Chase’s Amazon card from the market. You should receive your card, at maximum, within the next two weeks according to their latest update. It used to take much longer, and we’d often hear of readers waiting upwards of three months, but that hopefully won’t be the situation here. Keep us in the loop! Thanks again.


Andy says:

Applied online on Dec 1 and got approved Dec 16. Approval process is longer than other credit card but not as slow as some suggested.

Clinton says:

I was offered this card when we renewed our mortgage a few weeks ago, and when I saw the No Foreign Transaction fee’s, I decided to give it a try. I received the card within 10 days of submitting my application, even with the apparent postal disruption still effecting mail service. I charged my first US purchase to the card the same day as making another online purchase using my RBC Infinite Avion. The RBC purchase posted with a 1.3739 exchange rate, my Home Trust Visa posted with a 1.3410 exchange rate, good for a 2.15% savings on the exchange rate; that’s like getting 3.65% cash back.

The con’s to the card, thus far, are as previously stated: the lack of Tap to Pay, and the inability to change your PIN.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Clinton,

Thanks for the encouraging words about your experience using the Home Trust Preferred card! We’re glad to hear that Home Trust is processing applications more quickly these days, and that the card is already saving you so much money on your US purchases. With 1.00% cash back and total exemption from foreign transaction fees, not to mention its $0 annual fee, it’s possibly one of the most accessible money-saving tools on the market. Remember it also works for online foreign purchases, so the entire world of US-based eCommerce and retail is now open to you.

Regarding the exchange rate discrepancy: Even if it worked in your favor, it’s probably not a universal notion for Home Trust. Rates have been relatively volatile lately given turbulence in the global economy (especially for the US dollar), so even though we’re glad it saved you money we wouldn’t expect it all the time. Thanks!


Scott says:

I am a Canadian living in Norway for a few years and obtained this card for its 0% FTF, when Chase (Marriott) left Canada. I’m not entitled to a Norwegian credit card and my primary bank remains Canadian. I travel across Europe about 100 days a year for work , with leisure travel on top of that, and over the past year have used this card in Norway (d’uh), France, Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, England, Holland, Sweden, Slovakia, and for a few online purchases from Canada and Germany. For what it’s worth, I very very rarely have problems with card acceptance, perhaps 0.25% or less of transactions fail and require me to use a backup credit card or a European debit card. That said, the problem may have occurred with any Canadian CC, hard to verify that the (small, rare) problem is related to HT. As well, I have never had problems with major bookings done online, by phone or by email at hotels, airlines, car rental agencies or even when booking a Middle East cruise. The rejections were exclusively small purchases or gas stations. I have also never told HT that I was going to be using the card outside Canada; it worked internationally from the outset.

So my experience has been that in Europe, the card works fine. No FTF were encountered, exchange rates were ~ consistent with those charged to my TD Visa when I used it, and the cash back was provided to me in January. My wife locked her card and yes it was a nuisance to have to wait for a replacement card to be mailed from Canada (with the same PIN, lol), but I found HT customer service to be helpful through that process. The replacement card my wife received is now coloured gold instead of black.

All told, it has been a highly useful card and I am happy with my (extensive) European experience with it. It took 5 weeks from my online application to card receipt. It would be nice if they had an app but it’s not really so cumbersome to just log on to their online banking.

Just offering my experience to the forum.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Scott!

Thanks for the great comment. We’re always glad to hear tales of first-hand experience concerning the cards we review, and this goes double for the Home Trust card given some inconsistent reports about its usage. It seems to us like Europe doesn’t pose much of a problem to the Home Trust card. This aligns with other readers’ comments as well regarding its acceptance rate, as does the idea that in some gas stations the card experiences relatively rare instances of being forced to pay inside rather than at the pump, for example. Glad that isn’t the case!


Lyn says:

So far the card works fine at home
Now has anyone pre booked a hotel out of the Country that requires payment upfront & had it approved ?
Or do you need to call HT first & tell them you are going to use it for a hotel etc ?
With Chase we had to tell them in advance for prebooking things out of the country

Lyn says:

I prebooked a hotel in the UK for our trip this spring & it went through just fine

Jake says:

Received the card in about 3 weeks, activated it from overseas with not problem, used it immediately online, and the transaction showed up instantly ont their well-designed website. So, no problems so far and thanks to Home Trust and Visa for offering something that shakes up the Canadian credit card marketplace.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Jake,

Great to hear! We’ve had mixed reports on the Home Trust Preferred Visa card, and your review excludes two of the most common complaints: overseas payment support and a long post-application wait period. Home Trust has clearly sped up the application process and reinforced their payment infrastructure, which should be heartening news to other readers. Thanks for posting.


bob says:

Have anyone used this card at US gas pumps?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Bob,

At US gas pumps, the Home Trust card is reliable but occasionally displays some issues that are nothing more than slightly annoying. You see, through correspondence with readers and research of our own, we’ve discovered that the Home Trust card sometimes tells cardholders who are filling up at the pump to go inside the station and pay for their gas at the register. Sometimes it isn’t possible to go inside and pre-pay for gas at your station, however, namely late at night when only the pumps are active and there’s no one working inside. This is by no means a universal problem, however, so don’t worry.

Additionally, in the US there are so many 24/7 gas stations that the issue rarely pops up. It’s our obligation to warn you that this nuance has been reported in the past, but Home Trust has been working hard to strengthen its global network lately. If you want specific “field reports” of the card at US pumps, simply look at the other comments here, and we’ll be happy to answer any further inquiries. Much appreciated!

GreedyRates Staff

Fiona says:

Used it today at a gas station in the US. Worked fine.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Fiona!

Appreciate the comment and the stamp of approval on the Home Trust Preferred card. We’re glad to have another confirmation that the card’s gas station issue is cleared up, and that cardholders are no longer asked to pay inside rather than at the pump (for reasons largely unknown). Thanks!


Glenda Boran says:

Can this card be used sucessfully in Cuba?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Glenda,

Interesting question! We assume that you’re going to Cuba if you’re asking this, but unfortunately, we’re not totally sure if the card will be reliable over there on your trip. Why? Well, Home Trust has exhibited some strange nuances when it comes to card readers that are outdated, such as those operating with magnetic strips and manual swiping rather than chip readers. If anything, Cuba is more outdated than other nations, and we’ll need to do some further research about the payment infrastructure there. Now that the country is open for tourism, you can be confident that they’ll accept a major credit card like Mastercard or Visa, but we can’t in good conscience guarantee that the Home Trust card will work flawlessly.

The best answer we can give it to check with your bank. Major banks are still working with Cuba to get set up in the country, and they’ll know if your payments are accepted there or not. You’ll need cash, given that many businesses are cash-only, so be sure to carry some over there and don’t rely on a single method of payment. You should also use ATMs in densely-populated tourist areas for safety reasons. Have a nice time!


JJ Magee says:

Is there an option to check on application status of the Preferred Visa Application? When I call am left on hold forever! So far, not impressed with their level of customer service.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi JJ,

Unfortunately, there’s no online portal or phone number you can call to check on the status of your specific application for the Home Trust Preferred Visa card. There aren’t any banks that offer this option (which would be great, by the way) so your best bet is to keep on the line at Home Trust. We’ve called over there frequently and while the service can be slow at peak hours, if you call in the morning it’s usually speedier. As far as the application goes, you should know that the Preferred Visa card is exceedingly popular. In the past year we’ve heard from countless readers who were made to wait months for their application to be processed, but Home Trust’s wait times have decreased significantly since then. Just a little more patience, we know it’ll be worth it!


JJ MAGEE says:

This morning received email giving me decision on my application. It seems odd because I did call HT after seeing email and they say they don’t email any decisions but gave phone rep ref# from email and is valid. There is no link or attachment within email (would never click on one anyways) but strange HT claims they don’t send emails but this has a valid reference #. Makes one think their online activity may be hijacked at both ends.

Natalie says:

So, for the positives, the card is a good card for its features. No foreign exchange fees, no annual fees, etc. Exactly what I was looking for.

As for the service and speed of processing, absolutely terrible. I applied in May, said it would be 6-8 weeks due to a backlog. Didn’t think much of it, but I see why now. Called at the end of July where a nice representative informed me it was just in the final processing stages and that I would hear back soon. Nearing the end of September, I still hadn’t heard anything so I called back. The nice lady told me my application was in “limbo”. It was showing no status. Not approved, not declined, not pending. Told me she would forward it to her manager and that I would have an answer by the end of the week for sure. Waited for the week to be over, nothing. I called back at the first of the following week, and explained my last 2 phone calls to another lady. She proceeded to tell me that they aren’t supposed to promise call backs and that my application was exactly where it was in July! In the final processing stages. So I advised her to cancel the application that this was a ridiculous wait time considering I have impeccable credit.

All in all, the card would be a great card to have for many people out there. If they could get past the paperwork state. Great card, terrible company managing it. Not worth the time wasted waiting for absolutely nothing.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Natalie,

Astute post—much appreciated! This is our take on the card as well, and we’ve taken care to inform readers about its upsides but also the strange oddities that sometimes may affect Home Trust cardholders during their use of the card. While we highly appreciate that Home Trust is still the only issuer that offers a card with no annual fee and no foreign transaction fees, and that the card works well, it does suffer from some frustrating nuances. Besides the fact that Home Trust has made applicants wait months for a response, the Preferred card also might prefer that the cardholder pay inside at a gas station rather than trust the magnetic card reader. It also limits cardholders to 10 transactions per day and assigns you a PIN that you aren’t able to change.

While none of these tolerable foibles are deal-breakers, if you find yourself waiting for 6 months for the card, the best course of action is to follow your example. Cancel the card and check out an equally effective alternative, such as the Rogers Platinum card. Though you’ll earn cash back in excess of your foreign transaction fees, this method is as effective at avoiding them as complete exemption. Another newer entry into the market is the Meridian US Dollar Visa card. Let us know what you think!

GreedyRates Staff

Bill Jenkins says:

I just purchased USA accommodations on my new Home Trust Preferred Visa card. The US/CND exchange rate was .77 at the time of the transaction. When I went online and checked my statement, they used an exchange rate of .75 cents to a US dollar. So they didn’t charge me a foreign currency conversion fee, but used a skewed exchange rate 2 cents lower than actual. I may as well stuck with my Mastercard for USA trips.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Greetings Bill,

Interesting comment! We haven’t heard any reports of Home Trust using a ludicrous exchange rate on their international transactions, so this is news to us. Regardless, check your statement again to be sure that the payment settled on the same day as your transaction. Many times, international transactions take two or more days to settle across the various accounts that are involved, and the exchange rate sometimes swings a few points in either direction during this short window. This could explain the discrepancy you saw.

In their fine print, Home Trust states that their exchange rate is based on Visa International’s own, so we think this is a likely explanation. Let us know what you see and get back to us if you like. Thanks!


Paul says:

I applied in February 2018, I was approved in April, but have received nothing. I have called an endless amount of times and the status is always ‘processing.’ Multiple times they have told me they will escalate and I will get contacted by someone next day, and it doesn’t happen.

The credit card I’m sure is great, but the company is awful. Its a shame that this is the only company to offer a no annual fee, no foreign transaction fee card.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Paul,

Thanks for your comment. We feel where you’re coming from on this issue, and so do many others who have also had to endure long wait times before getting their Home Trust card. The Preferred Mastercard became exceedingly popular in the absence of Chase’s Amazon card after the bank left Canada, due to its no annual fee and no foreign transaction fee model. For a while there, it was 6+ months before people were getting approved and receiving their cards, but now Home Trust has it down to around a month or so. If you were approved in April then you definitely should have received it by now. You will, as many readers can attest, still receive it. However, you’ll have to decide at that point if you want to support Home Trust with your business.

We’re pretty impressed with how the card works after you receive it, but if you don’t want to keep it then we’re full of other suggestions. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other cards that offer true 0.00% foreign transaction fees (Rogers’ cards merely offset the fees with cash back) that also have no annual fee. Scotiabank’s Passport Visa Infinite card is a powerhouse of value and does have 0.00% foreign transaction fees, but it also costs $139 per year to hold. However, it’s completely worthwhile to many, with a suite of excellent traveller’s insurance, fast rewards earnings, 6 free VIP airport lounge passes yearly, and much more.


Terry says:

Does anyone know if this card will work in Japan/Korea? Planning to use it on a trip

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Terry,

Thanks for your quick comment. We’ve heard nothing about the Home Trust card acting unusually in either Japan or Korea. The biggest quirks one must be aware of when using the Home Trust card abroad is that it prefers chip readers (which Japan and Korea will have in abundance) instead of classic magnetic card readers, so you might need to prepay for gas inside the station, for example. You’ll also be restricted to 10 transactions per day–not a huge problem–but troubles concerning being declined in Asia are nonexistent as far as we know. Enjoy saving money on those foreign transaction fees, and have a great trip!


Constance says:

Filled out application weeks ago online and told online I was approved, but haven’t received anything yet.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Constance,

Your comment is appreciated, and you can be assured that it’s fallen on empathetic ears. Home Trust sometimes takes a while to process applications, admittedly much longer than their competition. If it weren’t for the sheer value provided by their great Preferred Visa card, it might otherwise impact their business, but they seem to be averaging 2-4 weeks for approval for the card. This is tolerable for many of our readers, and we assure you that you’ll receive it eventually. We recommend a bit more patience, and that you call to inquire if you haven’t heard anything by the end of next week. Thanks!

GreedyRates Staff

Lawell says:

Worse card EVER! Oh my goodness, I never got the pin. It took 4 months for the pin to finally arrive… then the card doesn’t work because the chip on the card is probably damaged. Then customer service said they will send me a replacement. Waited for another 4 weeks… called them back and they said they actually cannot generate a replacement card, so I have to call Home Trust itself which is 9-5pm EST Monday to Friday ONLY! What is the point of this card when you cannot even use it. LOUSY and Totally stupid!

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Lawell,

We’re sorry you don’t like the card! We also agree that it’s inconvenient for one to be pigeonholed into using a PIN that’s been chosen for them, because it means if you lost the PIN (or it was misplaced) then there’s no chance of remembering it. Fortunately, you’ll be able to get a new PIN by calling Home Trust during the time that they told you, and they’ll help you out and get you back into your account right away. Let us know how it goes.


Philippe di Pizzo says:

I applied for this card in July, and received it 5 weeks later. So far so good although I have not used nit yet. Credit limit of $7,000 which is enough. One con is the PIN I was trying to change but your article confirms it cannot be changed. One more PIN to remember…I hope this card will work in the US and Mexico where we spend our winters. I will report back in a few months.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Philippe!

Awesome that you were approved so quickly! We’re very happy to hear that Home Trust has pushed past their backlog of applications, given the immense popularity that its Preferred Visa card enjoyed this year (after Chase pulled their cards from Canada—most notably the Amazon card). It should work find in the US and Mexico, although there are some things to consider. When purchasing gas from gas stations, the card “prefers” the security of a chip reader instead of the standard magnetic swipe, which many US gas stations (and undoubtedly Mexican stations as well) are not equipped with. Therefore, you’ll find yourself going into the gas stations and prepaying for your gas some of the time.

Also, be sure to remember your PIN and enter it correctly, because some users report that Home Trust will automatically freeze their account for entering the wrong PIN. While this can be construed as a useful safety feature, it’s also quite inconvenient. Therefore, we recommend carrying a second credit card with you as a backup, but we don’t anticipate that you’ll run into many issues. Regardless, we always appreciate feedback from travellers who have read our articles and are eager to put the cards we review to the test.


Lyn says:

Just found this site
Very interesting comments on the HT VISA
I applied mid Aug got an email Sept 4th that we were approved
Got our PIN on Sept 7th by post so now waiting for the cards to arrive
I applied for the 0 FTF ..we will be going to Europe next year & did not want to carry a lot of cash plus with the card I can book hotels etc..ahead of time without the FTF
This year I used RBC VISA while the exchange rates were not great the extra FTF was a ripoff

Just one question if someone can help
I read here that you can only pay by cheque is that still the case ?
It would be great if you could pay from your bank account like other cards
Thanks for all the info

The GreedyRates Team says:

Greetings Lyn!

Great that you enjoyed our review enough to get the Home Trust Preferred Visa card! We’re sure that you’ll enjoy its exemption from foreign transaction fees during your upcoming trip in Europe. We were also happy to hear that your application was received and approved so quickly, as Home Trust had some problems earlier this year due to high demand for the Preferred Visa card. It’s extremely effective at saving people from the ever-present 2.50% foreign transaction fees, and it has a great exchange rate too. The exchange rate between all card networks are usually pretty even, but the foreign fees is where cardholders get hit hardest.

Regarding your second question about paying your balance with a cheque, this is indeed possible but it’s not the only way to pay. You can also do standard automatic withdrawals from your bank account as well. The issue with Home Trust and paying via cheque instead concerns those who choose to pay a balance of $1,000 or more. Home Trust will freeze these accounts for a short time to process the cheque and ensure it doesn’t bounce before unlocking it again. This isn’t relevant to you, however, so go ahead and apply with confidence. Good luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Lyn says:

Got our cards yesterday
the limit is $3000 that is more than enough for us
I checked the paperwork you can pay by your own bank account … already put the info in my bill payment section
Plus you can sign up for the Home Trust site to monitor your account & spending on the CC
Also add alerts etc..
Now just to use it someplace 😉

Fab Scalfo says:

I used this card for a 3 day road trip to the USA (oh, I do miss my Amazon Visa which never gave me a problem). I highly recommend travelling with multiple cards (do not rely on this one alone). Worked fine, but had a few “declines” on the road (good thing I had my AMEX). By the third day, everything was declined! Upon my return home, I called Home Trust Visa and was told the card locks up after incorrect PIN entered (a new card will be sent). With a 10 transactions a day limit and potential for locking up the card, makes it an OK (but not reliable) card. On the bright side, after receiving my statements the Home Trust VISA exchange rates where about 2.5-3% less than the AMEX transactions.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Fab,

Great comments. We’re aware of many of the Home Trust card’s unique nuances and have heard similar stories to yours. You’re right that it’s a solid card but shouldn’t be relied upon solely. As a smaller issuer, Home Trust has some issues with acceptance in certain places, and its daily limit of 10 transactions can be burdensome to those who want to rely on a single credit card for their whole trip. If this is the case, we always recommend the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card over Home Trust, simply because it has a reliable network and doesn’t suffer from the same issues.

We are glad that for the transactions you did manage to make with the Home Trust Visa, that you saw 2.50% and higher savings from those avoided foreign transaction fees. Scotiabank’s card offers the same, except it’s accepted more often and also earns Scotia Rewards on your purchases at a great rate. For this and its excellent insurance package, 6 free annual passes to VIP airport lounges, and more, you’ll have to pay $139 per year however. Apply through our link if this is intriguing, as Scotiabank’s site might not display the same promotions. Also remember you’ll need to meet a $60,000 minimum annual income level to be eligible for the card. If you aren’t, or just want other alternatives, let us know. Thanks!


Andreas says:

I found that Hometrust Preferred Visa Does Not Work in Iceland! I just came back and while there discovered that of the two card processing machines that merchants use (Verifone and Ingenico), only Ingenico machines accepted the card. Unfortunately 90% of the merchants use Verifone, so 90% can’t accept your card with message: “Pin Accepted – Transaction Declined” We had to use my wife’s 2.5% Foreign Transaction fee VISA. I reached out to Hometrust and they said they were aware of the issue in Iceland and have opened a ticket with VISA but they have no other info.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Andreas,
Thanks for reporting back to us about your difficulties with the Home Trust card in Iceland. We were unaware of this problem but will add it to the growing list of nuances that people need to know about before getting the Preferred Visa card. If you’re a frequent traveller and simply do not want to worry about foreign transaction fees and frustrating benefit criteria, just go for the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card.

The Home Trust card, as you found out, isn’t universally functional across all international destinations. Other alternatives like the Rogers Platinum card are also restricted in some ways, namely that your cash back is limited in how you can redeem it. Scotiabank’s Passport Visa suffers from none of these downsides, but you’ll have to pay for the privilege. For its $60,000 minimum income requirement and $139 annual fee, you get 0.00% foreign transaction fees, fast Scotia Rewards earnings on your common purchases, 6 annual passes to VIP airport lounges worldwide, great insurance, and more. This is what we recommend for you, especially if you’re travelling to exotic locales such as Iceland.


Ray says:

Like Andreas, I can confirm that the HT Visa card did not work in Iceland. I tried it everywhere I went, had to default to my secondary credit card. I was there in May of this year.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Ray,

Thanks for the heads up. We’re always appreciative when our readers come report issues they’re experiencing with the cards we cover, even more so than praise or compliments from readers, because it helps us determine which cards are for real and which aren’t. Our goal is to cut through the noise, and users like yourself help us and other readers a great deal. Keep an eye out for Iceland to be mentioned in Home Trust reviews and comments from here on out!


Wendy power says:

A credit limit increase would be nice

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Wendy,

If you want a credit limit increase on your Home Trust Preferred Visa card, then your best bet is to call Home Trust and inquire. Unfortunately, our influence ends as soon as readers apply for the cards we recommend—remember that our role is just to discuss the nuances between Canada’s best cards, not to approve applications, interest rate or credit limit changes, or alter how the bank interacts with you. Thanks for the comment though, and good luck getting the credit limit increase you desire!


Carol Lee says:

I got an email today from home trust asking me for utility bill and a bank statement? Anyone receive an email like that? Almost make me think it’s a scam trying to get my personal information

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Carol,

Thanks for coming to us before responding to an email you think is fishy. If you already have a Home Trust account, there’s no reason why they should be asking for your utility bill and bank statement over email, and you’re right that someone with this information might be able to use it with fraudulent intent. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to find out if it’s really Home Trust that’s emailing you—call them and ask. An agent should be able to tell you exactly what’s required, or if you’ve been the target of a scam. Good on you for being vigilant.

GreedyRates Staff

David Ackerman says:

I applies a while ago and now, in a similar vein as Carol, if been asked to supply a photocopy of my passport or my driver’s licence, both sides – have others had the same experience as this – it sounds a bit fishy to me.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi David,

Before supplying further personal information to Home Trust, you should call them and confirm that they need it. It’s not fishy for them to need additional details before confirming your application, but you do want to be sure that the email reflects a real request from Home Trust and not a fraudster. Normally this is pretty obvious via the email address, but like we said, any rep will be able to look in their system to see what’s required. We’ve had other readers who have been asked to provide backup documents proving their identity, and by itself, this is nothing to be worried about. With a little due diligence you can get the process going again and hopefully receive the card in a few weeks. Good luck!


Kim Deane says:

I sent them a copy of my 2 year old cable bill that showed my address. Accepted this and now have my card. No valuable information on a two year old cable bill.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Kim,

You might not think an old cable bill has no value, but it ties your name together with your address. This is what banks need to confirm that you live where you say you do, and when the document comes from a utility company it’s official enough to confirm the data you provided on your application. In fact, many people shred their utility bills after paying them for this very reason—they don’t want people sifting through the trash of their apartment building to figure out what unit they’re in, for instance.


John R Tanguay says:

We applied for the card and it did take just over 4 weeks to approve – which I was prepared for – however, my concern lies in what the foreign exchange rate is that Home Trust uses. I phoned Home Trust to inquire and was directed to call Visa International who advised me to contact Home Trust – catch 22. If I knew what rate they charged, say for today, I could compare it to the rate at the exchange facility I use to exchange cash. Since I cannot seem to get this info from Home Trust, I have applied for the Rogers Platinum Mastercard and will wait to see if we’re approved. Apparently M/C foreign exchg rates are less than Visa rates – wish I knew beforehand.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Thanks for the great comment. It sounds like your call to Home Trust was successful, even if you think it wasn’t. Home Trust isn’t a large bank like MBNA or RBC, and as such simply piggybacks off the official Visa exchange rate, which you discovered in your research. The Visa exchange rate for Canadians is pretty easily available online, so you can figure out exactly how much Home Trust charges.

In terms of which network is cheaper for foreign transaction fees, our own research led us to the conclusion that Mastercard is a good bit less expensive than Visa. If you check out our article on the matter, you’ll see that while some Visa cards provide great value, Mastercard’s margin of victory is much larger on average. Your new Rogers Platinum Mastercard has the same advantage, but remember that with this card, you aren’t exempt from foreign transaction fees.

Your exchange rate has nothing to do with transaction fees, which are applied simply for making a purchase in any currency other than Canadian dollars. The Rogers Mastercard doesn’t cancel these 2.50% fees like the Home Trust card does, however, it grants 3.00% cash back on every relevant transaction, so you end up ahead. Just something to keep in mind!


paul222 says:

Applied for this card 12 weeks ago…yes that’s right 4 months ago..Checked my Equifax and they did 3 soft and 1 hard verification on my credit? 2 in april and 2 last week prior to mailing my cards.No extra info needed but baffling really.Now I check to make online payments and can’t find how I can do it thru my bank and how it’s suppose to be paid? Mailing a check is so 1990…it’s baffling really.Now the 2 cards have this sticker that is so sticky.I’m waiting to see the process for the payments before I try the cards.
This is quite a process and if it’s this hard to have a credit card (4 months) with a credit rating over 830 and a 6k limit and there’s a 50/50 chance that the store won’t accept it the no fx might no be worth it.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Paul222,

We’re glad you finally received the Home Trust Preferred Visa. That was quite the long wait, but at least you can enjoy it now! If you need help learning to bank online with Home Trust, give their customer service line a call—in our experience they’re very knowledgeable. Also, don’t worry about the quadruple-check on your credit. The three soft checks will have absolutely no affect, though it is strange that they’d repeat it so often, and the one hard check is normal for a credit card issuer during the application approval process. Let us know how you like the card (or if you don’t). We’d be happy to make another recommendation or two for cards that will arrive in far less time than 4 months! Thanks.

The GreedyRates Team

paul222 says:

Well we’ve used it a few works well and we used it 5 times in a day without any issues.I could make a direct payment by enrolling the credit card # in my bills on my bank authorized bill payment page just like my other Credit card and it worked just fine as it showed up after 2-3 business days…So far so good.I’ll be making more spend when we go on vacation for the forex exchange waiver which is the major benefits for us.
2 major issues for us is that the pin cannot be changed online and that they don’t have tap so it’s an insert chip and pin process all the time.

Savage Narce says:

Yes, the inability to use the “tap to pay” option is unusual. I can only hope that Home Trust will correct this issue soon. This is the only credit card I own that does not have the Tap capability. I got this to replace my MBNA Cashback Mastercard when they lowered their cashback rate to 1/2% (September 1st).

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Savage,

Great job picking up the Home Trust card in the wake of your displeasure with MBNA—we agree that it was unfortunate to see them reduce cash back rewards. As you’ve noticed, the Home Trust card has some unique nuances that travellers may encounter and must tolerate, such as the inability to use tap to pay. It also prefers the greater security of chip readers instead of magnetic swipe readers and will therefore (sometimes) direct the cardholder to pay inside the gas station, for example, rather than at the pump. However, we can forgive Home Trust and its special oddities because it’s still the best no-fee and no-foreign-transaction-fee card on the market.

If you continue to use it and find that you’d rather have a more expensive, yet a more convenient and lucrative card, try the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card. Though it carries an annual fee of $139, it’s the only other card on the market to exempt cardholders from foreign transaction fees entirely, plus it comes with comprehensive insurance benefits, a fast rate for earning Scotia Rewards points, and 6 free passes to VIP airport lounges worldwide. Alternatively, if you still want to switch it up from Home Trust but can’t meet Scotia’s income requirement ($60,000) then check out our page with all of the other cards that skirt foreign fees and take your pick. Rogers offers some nice options with their World Elite and Platinum cards. Thanks for the comment!

The GreedyRates Team

Anne says:

2-4 weeks? I think more like 2-4 months!!!!!! I applied for this card few months ago until I have forgotten it and I got an email today said that I am approved….

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Anne,

Yes, it can be frustrating to wait months for a card that you needed weeks after your application, and Home Trust has disappointed us (and many others) on this front for a while now. They’ve just started getting themselves together over there, however, and are now approving applications in the 2-4 weeks that applicants expected from the get go. We can confirm that new applications will be processed much more quickly than they once were when Home Trust was inundated with applications from those who had their Chase cards discontinued. We hope you’ll give the card a chance, but if you’d rather cancel it for another card, then we’d be happy to make some suggestions.

Thanks, and again, apologies for your lengthy wait.

The GreedyRates Team

Jason says:

I received this card 2 months ago. I have tried using it in the US twice since then and numerous times on each trip. The card never works. It is declined at every retailer I went to. Whether it asks for the PIN or not, the retailer’s pad refuses it. The only place it worked was automated machines like the BART ticket machine in San Francisco. I called Home Trust and after 40 minutes the rep told me it is because the US is behind on technology. I never ever had this problem with the Chase Marriott card. Disappointing that it is gone and we have a choice between this card that does not work and a Scotiabank card that wants a $139 annually to use it.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi Jason,

We’re sorry you had a bad experience with the Home Trust card in the United States, but it and the Scotia Passport Visa Infinite card aren’t the only two options for avoiding foreign transaction fees. You shouldn’t feel pressured into getting the Scotiabank card, and we won’t try to convince you, because most of its value can only be applied to cardholders who can take advantage of its awesome VIP airport lounge access and other premium perks. If you travel relatively often, then the annual fee is negated with just the lounge access and passes, which are equivalent to at least $250.

The Rogers Platinum Mastercard is another no-fee card option to look at. While it won’t exempt you from foreign transaction fees, it will earn cash back in excess of these fees—both in Canada and abroad. In Canada, the card earns 1.25% cash back and then 3.00% cash back for purchases made in a foreign currency. That means you’ll gain 0.50% cash back while overseas and 1.25% at home, on everything you purchase. If you’re often in the US, then you should strongly consider either of these options.


Peter says:

I applied this card in the middle of February 8, 2108. I needed to sent my credit statements, house utility bill, and my driver license on May 14, 2018. Finally, I received my card on June 17, 2018.
I applied Fido Master on middle of March 2018. I received my card right after 3 weeks.
The reason I applied for this card is same as other people, because Amazon Visa closed in Canada.
Moreover, the starting credit limit is 2000. My first statement did not show the rewards which I spent.
Very disappointed!!!

Lotus says:

Anyone applying for this card please do not waste your time.

I applied for this card in Mar ’18. Sent the requisite documents in Apr ’18. Called the Customer Service at least 3 times and still haven’t received my card. Stop giving false hopes/support to this horrendous company. I requested that my card be cancelled and the rep said they can’t guarantee that.

I would recommend you remove this card from your top picks or better from your website.

The GreedyRates Team says:


We highly appreciate your comment and your feedback. Among credit cards in its class, the Home Trust Preferred card comes in behind others such as the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card and the Rogers World Elite Mastercard, partly for the same reasons you expressed. We echo those reasons entirely and hope your issue is resolved soon.

Home Trust has undoubtedly had problems processing applications, but they’ve assured us that applications are now getting approved in as little as 2 weeks to a month. We can’t speak to the status of your application, unfortunately, but there’s little harm in getting another card in the meantime and cancelling the Home Trust card upon arrival.

Best of luck,
GreedyRates Staff

munira says:

Ugh…I wish I saw that the approval process is so long. I usually get new cards within 2 weeks…and thought I could apply for this closer to my trip but a month later and still no card or response…vacay coming up fast to Europe. 🙁

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Munira,

Thanks for coming to us with your comment. We know that Home Trust is still working through some of their backlog, but they’ve assured us that the approval process for new applicants is down to 2-4 weeks. If you’re an older applicant that sent in your information a long time ago, it’s worth a call to Home Trust, as their representatives are generally friendly and understanding. Otherwise, your upcoming vacation would be much improved with one of the similar cards we know about.

If you want a no-annual-fee card that offers similar savings on foreign transaction fees as well, you might appreciate either of Rogers’ Mastercards—the Platinum or the World Elite. Both have no annual fee and offer cash back on domestic purchases, and then a higher cash back rate on purchases made in a foreign currency (enough to offset the fees and then some). The World Elite has better travel-related perks, but sits behind a higher income requirement.

Another option might be the Scotia Passport Visa Infinite card, which requires you to tolerate a somewhat steep annual fee of $139. However, the individual personal income requirement is $20,000 less at $60,000, making it more accessible. It also offers some perks that would make your trip extra special, like 6 free passes to worldwide VIP airport lounges, great insurance features, and of course exemption from foreign transaction fees as well.

Thanks again,
The GreedyRates Team

James says:

Other than the ability to change your assigned PIN it is a good secondary credit card.

VT says:

I might be missing something here, but this card doesn’t take the proper exchange rate. I made a purchase in USD for $360 on June 7 and my total on my statement is $482.18 CAD. When using the Visa calculator w/ 0% transaction fee, the rate is 1 United States Dollar = 1.297870 Canadian Dollar. Using this math, my transaction should have have only been $467.23 CAD. The difference between this and what I was charged is 3.1%. Is anyone else seeing this?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Greetings VT,

Believe it or not, this is an issue experienced by many cardholders who make purchases in foreign currency. There is usually some slippage between the issuer’s exchange rate and the number that appears on your statement, simply because of the long path that a payment must travel before settlement. It must pass from the merchant, to their bank, and then to yours. In this span of time the exchange rate sometimes changes a bit, and in times of higher volatility, it could create a larger discrepancy.

This might have been the case for your recent purchase in USD. Earlier in June the rate of USDCAD was around 1.25, but then it jumped to 1.35 at the end of the month. If your transaction didn’t settle until the rate went up then this would be a potential explanation. Generally, the impact isn’t more than a single percentage point, so if you’re unsatisfied you might want to give Visa or your bank a call and inquire further.

GreedyRates Staff

JC says:

Applied 3 weeks ago only to receive an email today informing me that they can’t validate my information with the information that I have provided on my application, which included my SIN. They’re asking me to reapply to be considered. I have a credit score of over 830. If they can’t validate my information the first time, what makes them think reapplying with the same information is going to work? Has anyone experienced this? This company seems like a joke.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hello JC,

Thanks for coming to Greedyrates, and for letting us know the issue you’ve run into. We must admit, Home Trust has surely had its hands full this last few months, and your problem may be on the tail end of these struggles. We’re getting reports that Home Trust has cleared out most of its application backlog, and now has more time to serve people like yourself.

Unfortunately, their inability to validate your information doesn’t seem like a problem with the application, or its timeliness. If your credit is 830, then there’s no obvious reason that you’d be rejected, so the issue is likely elsewhere. Perhaps try giving them a call—their phone lines are surprisingly free—and inquire with your details. If they can’t give you a straight answer, then let us know and we’d be happy to do further research.


DC says:

Ridiculous! Tried making a purchase with my Home Trust Visa the other day. Was told my account was frozen for 10 business days because I paid my balance with a cheque. Really. Paid my balance. In full. With a cheque. Account frozen for 10 business days. Can’t use the card. Because my account is paid in full. With a cheque.

Awesome policy, Home Trust.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hi DC,

Thanks for coming to the comments section with your problem. It’s seriously unfortunate what happened to your Home Trust card. We decided to call them to confirm whether or not paying with cheques of over $1,000 will freeze your account, and the representative confirmed that they will. She also indicated that it might not be frozen for 10 days, but rather, that this is how long it might take for the cheque to clear.

For all our other readers, we will absolutely make the appropriate changes to all the Home Trust Preferred card reviews. If paying by cheque is your preferred method, then try to pay in increments smaller than $1,000. We realize this is limiting, and will surely impact the reviews we give the card going forward.

We appreciate the information, and as always, are prepared to offer alternatives. If you don’t like the Home Trust card now, then perhaps make the switch to Scotiabank for their Passport Infinite Visa. Though it’s a bit more expensive on an annual basis, it comes with much better perks and of course, total exemption from foreign transaction fees.

GreedyRates Staff

DC says:

I followed up with one of Home Trust’s Customer Complaints Officers, as there is no mention made of this policy in their Cardholder Agreement. In fact, under Application of Payments, it states, “Payments may be made by mail…”

I was told that the cheques over $1000 policy is only mentioned in their internal documents. The workaround suggested (other than electronic payment) was to send partial payment cheques throughout the month, or a cheque for $999.99 and a second cheque for the remainder (or however many $999.99 cheques you would need for higher balances).

The Customer Complaints Officer did work on my behalf to have the freeze lifted early (too late for the automatic purchase I had set up a couple months ago, as it was declined), but warned that subsequent $1000+ cheques would also result in freezes.

I have since applied for and received a different card from a different provider. I’ll hang on to this card for foreign exchange transactions, but keep spending on it low to avoid the rinky-dinkyness of their payment policy.

NGS says:

For those who had the Chase Marriott Rewards card, apply for the Amex SPG card. The Marriott rewards points accumulate even faster than the Chase card, and there was a 75,000 point bonus or about a $700 bonus to do so. For USA purchases apply for the RBC USA Card. Both cards work hand in hand for me. The Home Trust card sounds ridiculous, they refused me with credit score of 849? They are looking for those who don’t pay in full so they can make money on the interest charges.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey NGS!

We’re glad to hear you’re loving the Starwood Preferred Guest card—we love it too. This is the card that we recommend to all those who once held Chase Bank’s Marriott card (rest in peace), due to its flexible hotel and travel rewards. Conveniently, it also includes Marriott locations in its rewards package, meaning cardholders can earn and redeem rewards in all their favorite Starwood and Marriott hotels.

It’s unfortunate that Home Trust didn’t accept your application, and if your credit it truly 849 then it may have been an administrative mistake on their end. Home Trust has suffered somewhat in the service department ever since one-time Chase customers flooded their system with applications for the Preferred card. Thanks very much for the comment.

GreedyRates Staff

NGS says:

Amex is a pleasure to work with, and the Starwood points just accumulate so fast as they are worth three Marriott Rewards Points.. In the space of three months I have accumulated over 125,000 Marriott points enough for a five days at a five star resort in Anna Maria Florida, that goes for $650 a night Canadian. Home Trust is pathetic and liars too.

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hello Again NGS!

We’re glad that you’ve earned so many points on your Starwood card! We’re also huge fans, and especially like the flexible relationship between Starwood and Marriott points. Home Trust isn’t for everyone, this is something anyone can agree on, and though they’ve had service issues in the recent past due to high demand for their Preferred card, we’ve never encountered a bad customer service agent.

Feel free to shoot us an email and describe your experience with Home Trust and exactly what upset you. We hope it’s nothing that your stay in Anna Maria’s 5-star resort won’t fix!


Demetrius says:

I concur with everything MikeJ says. I applied for the Home Trust Visa card back in February after being notified that Amazon Visa was being discontinued. My new Home Trust Visa card arrived today (May 23/2018) with a limit of $6000. Here is what I learned about the card.
– Cash back is redeemed annually in December appearing as a credit on the January statement.

– You can only set up pre-autherized payments from a bank account to pay the minimum due, not the full balance. Cumbersome paperwork has to be filled out to set it all up.

– Be careful with the car rental insurance. According to the fine print, it does not cover you for third party liability (damage you cause to other people or property). So make sure your regular insurance company covers you for that. Otherwise don’t wave the insurance coverage with the car rental company.

– I phoned for additional information about the Road Side Assistance program:
1) up to 4 calls per year
2) no towing service if car is in an accident
3) only covers cars, not recreational vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles
3) service is well covered in Canada, but not as well in the US.
4) you must identify yourself for service with either the last 4 digits of your Visa card or your name. Don’t forget to write down the phone number in your car, wallet, or phone.

MikeJ says:

card took forever after application. Apparently everyone else with the card had the same ideas as me and applied at the same time.

It finally arrived today with an $8,000 limit which is sufficient as I can transfer cash in if I’m really spending that much while travelling.

Two reasons I got this card:
– No Forex Fees
– Roadside assistance

Having actual roadside assistance for a car that doesn’t come with spare tires is a nice perk.

Jeremy says:

Hi MikeJ, I just applied for this card to use for online shopping (no annual fee + no Forex fees) but the roadside assistance is a nice little bonus perk. Who is the provider of the roadside assistance (eg. CAA, Canadian Tire, etc)? Home Trust’s Preferred Visa webpage doesn’t provide that information :/

Thomas R says:

I applied for the card in early February 2017. 3 1/2 months have passed and I still have not received the Home Trust Preferred Visa card. It’s disappointing to hear that some people who applied for their cards well after February have already received their cards. So much for ‘first application in, first appication out’ sequencing in their credit card approvals process.

I was told in March that my application would take 4 more weeks to be reviewed. In April, I received an email to provide additional documents (utility bill, credit card statement, passport). I promptly responded to the request and sent the documents. No confirmation, no communiciation from Home Trust about the documents I sent. I figured that providing the doucments would be the last step in the process and that the card would come soon after. So I bided my time further. It’s late May now and still no card. No communication from Home Trust at all.

I finally called them today. Now their call centre in Nova Scotia is handling inbound calls. The Nova Scotia call centre is of little use and can’t provide any information on the status of applications. What’s the point on having calls routed to Nova Scotia then? The inbound call centre phone agents merely say they will refer the inquiry to the card application group. And as another poster stated, their call to the Nova Scotia call centre did not lead to anything. Time passed and they did not receive any communicaiton from Home Trust on their application.

I can understand that Home Trust is a small company and card processing times could be longer than it would be for one of the big 5 banks. But 3 1/2 (THREE & A HALF) months?!! Where is 3 1/2 months from application submission to ‘still waiting’ status the norm in the credit card industry?

And with Scotiabank now introducing a 0% foreign currency transaction Infinite Visa card, I’m questioning whether the long wait for the Home Trust card was worth it. The Home Trust card comes with downsides: only a $4000 credit limit, can’t change the PIN, cashback paid out only once a year, etc. The card has downsides that other cards don’t.

I can write comments of concern as I have here above. But the facts of life do not change: 3 1/2 months have passed since the application was submitted and no card has been received and there’s been no written, voice, or email communication from Home Trust. Unbelievable

GreedyRates says:

Hi Thomas, we’re grateful you commented and are disappointed to hear of your struggle with Home Trust. You’re entirely justified in your frustration, as no applicant should have to wait upwards of three months to hear from a card issuer. We’re confident that you’ll receive the card at some point, and when you do, you can request a higher credit limit than $4,000. The maximum limit Home Trust gives cardholders is $10,000.

If you wanted the card because of its elimination of foreign transaction fees, then perhaps it’s fate that Scotiabank just released its new Visa Passport Infinite card. Though it does have a higher annual fee than the Home Trust Preferred, the fee is more than offset by an industry-best 6 airport lounge passes every year. That’s a value of at least $250, and will make your travel experiences much more pleasant. In addition, it obviously also has the 0.00% foreign transaction fees, as well as some insurance perks that are an appreciated bonus. If these benefits are relevant to you, then the annual fee shouldn’t be an issue. You can learn more about the card by reading our full Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card review.

We hope we helped. When the situation progresses, or if you have any other questions, let us know.

GreedyRates Staff

Lulu says:

This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with any bank or credit card company. I applied back in mid February and received an email in end of April asking me for my ID, bank and phone statement. I read other people’s review and thought I’d still provide it since I’ve been put in so much time. After I sent back the document I got no confirmation of receiving and no update on my card application. I then waited for two weeks and called their card centre. The only thing they finally improved was their call centre wait time. I waited about 20 mins and the lady said she’ll send request to accelerate my case. After another 1.5 week, I still got NOTHING! NOTHING !!! It’s super upsetting and disturbing as I don’t know who now has my ID copy, bank & phone statements and how those info is gonna be used. Home trust cannot confirm if they actually receive my copy of documents. This is ridiculous so irresponsible! I never post compliant online and prefer to talk to the company directly to solve problem. But this time it’s really beyond my understanding and I really concern about my identity security!!! Hometrust representative said they’ll send my an letter said I request to cancel my application so I’ll wait for another two weeks. Or anyone knows where can I go to make sure my identity is intact? Thanks.

Demetrius says:

I experienced the same ridiculous long waiting time on the phone too back in March (about an hour). Even though I was assured I would get the card in a few weeks, I finally got it on May 23rd. Seems like everyone else got theirs late too. So I assume, Lulu, you got yours by now or will get it shortly.

I doubt your personal info is at risk, but if you want to keep an eye on your credit score and credit report, you can subscribe to service for free. They notify you of a new Equifax report every month. I have been subscribed to it for about two years with no strings attached. It really is free!

Lulu says:

Thank you Demetrius. I have already withdrawn my application because Of all the non senses I have been through along the application process. Having said that, I still haven’t received the official letter that Home Trust promised would send out to me as a record that client they’ll destroy all my document with them….

RC says:

I applied back in Feb.
Called 4 weeks later and waited 30 minutes to get through only to be told that it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get my card.
It is now mid May and still no card or further contact.
I would not have bother if I knew about how bad the customer service is.

Candi says:

Has anyone claimed collision and damage on your rental car during travel? I’m in Spain and am in the situation that there’s a damage to my rental car. I’ve called Home Trust and the customer service rep gave me a feeling that I don’t have the coverage overseas. He transferred me to RSA, the insurance company, anyways. The rep said that he can’t found the name of this card, Home Trust Preferred Visa, on his list, though the first 6 number matches that of Home Trust EquityLine card on his list. So he’s not sure if I’m covered. I’m really worried. Can someone let me know, please?

Bernie says:

Can anyone tell me what ATM withdrawal fees I might be subjected to in Europe and Britain? The plan is to preload the card and then withdraw cash. Using my bank card to withdraw from my chequing account subjects me to a %International ATM plus the some ATM’s add their own 2-5euro fee on top of the 2.5% FX fee and as some ATM’s limit one to withdrawing 200 pounds or Euros at a time. I’m hoping to do better with this card.

GreedyRates says:

Hey Bernie, thanks for coming to us with your question. When using the Home Trust Visa for cash advances abroad, you’ll be subject to every fee except for the foreign transaction charge. For withdrawing money from ATMs in Britain and Europe, you’ll be subject to fees from Home Trust and also from the ATM if applicable. Here’s what Home Trust’s fine print says on the matter:

“ATM Fee: 1.00% of amount withdrawn (Minimum fee of $2.50 and Maximum fee of $10.00) for a Cash Advance from an ATM displaying the Visa or Plus logo located in Canada; 1.50% (Minimum fee of $4.50 and Maximum fee of $45.00) if the ATM is located in United States; 1.50% (Minimum fee of $5.50 and Maximum fee of $15.00) if the ATM is located outside Canada and the United States. This is in addition to any other charges that may be levied by the owner/operator of the ATM.”

The part that’s relevant to you is the maximum $15.00 fee charged outside of the US or Canada. If for instance the ATM charges $5.00 on top, that means your maximum fee is something around $20.00 and the minimum is $10.50. This depends on the ATM, however.

GreedyRates Staff

Catherine says:

I waited quite a bit of time before my card arrived and I was not required to pay the $500 deposit. This card is very good value because of no annual fee, both my husband and I have same card without extra cost and the main selling point for us was the NO foreign transaction fee compared to almost all of the other major credit cards. So far so good and we love it but haven’t figured out the procedure in claiming the 1% payback.

Ryan Selman says:

Applied 4 days ago, didn’t get a email confirmation about my application. I called today and spoke to a Rep. Took me 2 minutes to reach a Rep. I was told there have so many applications so the waiting period is 6 to 8 weeks.

Indy says:

I actually got my card within about 2 weeks of applying. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this card is for infants. The first year maximum limit is $4000. One year later, you can apply to have that increased to $8000. Seriously! I got this card specifically to use while travelling. I was planning on using it in Greece later this month, when I get married there. $4000 might cover our first day.
My future spouse and I earn well above average income, have no debt and virtually perfect credit ratings, so that is not the issue here. They simply have a ridiculous limit rule and won’t break it – even if you offer to pay $20,000 on the card in advance, as they will only allow up to 90% of that juvenile limit.

My fault for not reading the fine print, but who would think such a thing would even exist in 2018. It’s so sad, I’ve chosen to see it as funny.

nick says:

I applied two weeks ago and got an e-mail today that the card and pin were on their way!

Wilson says:

We’ve had the worst credit card experience ever with this card:
1. Two months from application to receipt of card.
2. Once cards received, you can’t personalize the PIN. My wife and my card had the exact same card numbers but different PIN’s. I didn’t notice this until I exceeded the number of attempts with the PIN. Only when I checked did I notice the addressee on the letters with the PIN’s were different but we had the exact same card numbers.
3. Calls to the company to try and resolve this are on hold for the longest I’ve ever been on hold. I’ve also never had to call a credit card company so many times.
4. They then says they can’t reset your PIN but just send the same letter with the same PIN.
5. I call again and ask for a new card because the CHIP must be corrupted.
6. In the meantime, I tried online banking. I forgot my password and hit “Forgot my password”. I received no reset password email. I then try “Forgot my ID”. I do receive an email for that so I assume they have my email address.
7. Out of frustration, we call to cancel our card. In order to cancel the card, you have to mail the cut up cards back to them before they will cancel.

We applied for this after the Amazon VISA program was cancelled. But no amount of FX surcharge savings is worth all this hassle. We’ve since gotten the Fido Mastercard that gives 4% cashback on FX transactions. This more than covers FX surcharges.

Sharon says:

I received my card this week. It took about a month from when I applied. Much longer than other cards but I understand their situation with so many of us looking for a replacement for our Amazon Visa. I’m excited about the roadside assistance as that will save me an additional $75 a year for BCAA. Has anyone used the roadside assistance service yet?

GreedyRates says:

Hey Sharon! Thanks for the question and congratulations on receiving your Home Trust Preferred card! We know it was a longer wait than you’re used to, but it seems as though Home Trust is finally working through their backlog of applications. The roadside assistance program is one of the card’s most interesting perks, and will help you if you’re stuck somewhere remote. You can get gas delivery, a short tow, and rescue from a non-accident related tangle such as snow or ice, or if you’re locked out of your car. Basically, it covers everything short of a real accident. For that, you’ll need a more robust service, but this one is easily worth the $75 BCAA membership you mentioned.

We haven’t heard any reports from our readers, emails, or comments indicating if they’d used these perks yet. However, interested as we are, we’d like to keep it that way! We’d prefer everyone stay safe and not need to be rescued, but are hopeful that if they were in a tight spot, the Home Trust card would help immensely. Thanks again.

GreedyRates Staff

MF says:

Thanks to the previous reviews, I was expecting a delay between my application and me receiving the card. It took roughly three and a half weeks to get notification that I was accepted in my card was in the mail.

I got this card primarily for the no exchange rate feature, how’s my Amazon Visa was cancelled on March 15th because Chase Financial stop doing business with them.

If you are in a rush and need this card in the next 2 to 3 weeks, then I wouldn’t recommend applying.

Mikeywow says:

These guys are so disorganized. I’ve been waiting 8 weeks for my card and have emailed them twice to check on the status. Today they email me saying they need more info?? They want my passport and house taxes plus a bank or credit card statement? Seriously? I’ve never been asked for any of this and my credit score is perfect. Unbelievable.

O T says:


I finally heard from Home Trust a couple of days ago after applying more than a month ago. I was asked to provide 3 more pieces of information. A photocopy of government ID (i.e. drivers license front and back), and original say for the electricity bill (that I can download from BC Hydro), and an original of say a credit card or bank statement and to reply with this within 14 days. I received this from the email from: They did mention my Home Trust application number and it looks legit. I can either mail it to their address in Toronto or just reply to the email. I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this experience??? I’ve applied for all kinds of credit cards, never been declined and I have never been asked for all this information. Does anyone have any idea why this information would be required? Has anyone had that happened to them before? It is getting a little annoying and I’m wondering whether I should even bother. I’m looking for the no FX fees, that is the only reason for applying to their card (like I guess almost everyone). Thinking about just going with the new Scotia passport… too bad it has a $139 dollar fee attached, wish there was a way to avoid it completely like there is for the BMO World Elite MC or Visa Infinite from TD.

GreedyRates says:

Hi OT, thanks for the comment! We’re happy to address all the points you’ve brought up. We can’t say that we’ve heard of other readers receiving a request for further documentation from Home Trust. Normally, the information you include on your application is all they need. In our opinion, it’s a bit suspicious. If you want to continue pursuing the Home Trust card, we’d first call their customer support line and describe the email to them. If they can confirm it’s legit, you can send the documents without worry, but if you’re exhausted from the wait, try the Rogers Platinum Mastercard instead.

You won’t have to pay an annual fee with Rogers, nor will you suffer from exorbitant foreign transaction fees. The card subsidizes the entire 2.50% fee with 3.00% cash back on each foreign transaction, which means you’ll actually earn money when buying abroad (or online in a foreign currency). You can learn more by reading our full Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

Thanks and good luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Eric says:

Thanks GreedyRates,
I got exactly the same request last week – after almost 2 months of waiting. I’m honestly not sure if they can handle so many clients, I guess it’s a rather small bank – I never heard of it until Chase decided to to drop the Amazon card. I did give them my sin # while applying for the credit card, which should be more than enough. My another guess is that they’ve got way too many applications and by asking for those additional papers (no scanned copies allowed btw) they just want to get rid of some potential clients.

Katie G. says:

I received the same request as well, for more documentation. I have been trying to see if that was a legitimate request, as I don’t ever recall being asked this before, from any other credit card.

My regular bank just gave me a whopping credit limit increase, so I know my credit is well above average, hence it’s odd that this card wanted so much more personal information.
I will take your suggestion, and call the credit card company to confirm their request.
thank you

JudyM says:

It took 2 months for them to finally contact me and ask for ALL that information. I scanned and copied:
My driver’s license
A credit card statement (with dollar amounts and account info blocked out)
Gas Bill

The next day, I received notification that I was approved and the card was on its way. The PIN would be sent under separate cover, and you CANNOT change your PIN. It is unique to your account.

I was about to give up, after waiting for some type of notification, but it is the best out their for no foreign transaction fees, which was my main reason for getting the card. I also just learned it has Roadside Assistance. I need to look into that further.

E S says:

Home Trust has by far the worst and dumbest process and handling of Visa cards and applications.
Aside from taking 3 months to process an application, they do not allow for joint cards – only supplementary cards. Only one supplementary card so you cannot put more than one spouse/ child under you account.

Also, in total stupidity, they give the supplementary card the same number as the primary card holder so that when your child loses his card and it needs to be cancelled, the primary card is automatically closed. You then have no ability to charge to your own card because your kid lost his.

Everyone will drop Home Trust as soon as possible when any other institution under any name will bring out a card with no foreign fee like the Chase Amazon card featured.

I never take the time to write reviews. The fact that I am so frustrated with these idiots is why I am reviewing them now.

BTW you have to wait on the phone for 30-40 minutes to talk to any customer service rep who is then useless in doing anything to fix things.

Nancy says:

Can I use my cash back rewards towards my credit card bill with the Rogers Platinum Card. I am not a ro
I am not a Roger’s customer, so I don’t want to use my credit cash rewards towards any roger purchases. Can I use my cash credit cash rewards my credit card bill and can I do this on the next month’s credit card statement.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Nancy, thanks for your awesome question! With the Rogers Platinum Mastercard, the cash back you earn on your purchases abroad and domestic can be used as a credit against your balance or statement. However, you can’t do this monthly–only yearly–so if you urgently need to reduce your monthly balance, cash back isn’t an option. Rogers only allows cardholders to apply their full year’s cash back total to their balance, if they explicitly request this before December of the previous year. Then, they’ll see the statement credit in January of the following year. We know that it’s not the most ideal or flexible method around, but many cards operate like this, and it doesn’t detract much from its overall value proposition. Just don’t rely on cash back as a way to limit how much of a balance you’ll carry from month to month, and instead save it to offset a large annual purchase, for example. Best of luck!

GreedyRates Staff

NGS says:

If you look at the Greedy Rates credit score range for qualification it is 670-739. I can only conclude for those with a high credit score like in the 800’s, you will be refused just like me. So do not waste your time on these bush league operators. They would like those who so nor pay off their credit card in full monthly. Waiting months for a decision and non responded phone messages and emails indicate that these guys are looking for those that struggle.

Demetrius says:

I have a credit score of over 800 and received the card. The low limit of $6000 surprised me, but it is no big deal, since I only plan to use the card for foreign online purchases.

Bernard Caron says:

An inconvenient to the Home Trust Visa: No Tap !

Demetrius says:

Really, no tap? Good to know. I would have thought that since it has the embedded chip, it supports tap.

Thomessa says:

I had the Amazon card which allowed me to prepay an amount on my card (creating a negative balance). I could then withdraw foreign currency in the country I was in, and not get charged a cash advance. The advantage being a better conversion rate.
Does this allow the prepayment without charging a cash advance when used internationally?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Thomessa, we appreciate your question. Chase is a much larger bank than Home Trust, and likely gave more capabilities to their cards accordingly. Home Trust offers just a few credit cards, most with a very simple payment model and therefore won’t be as comprehensive or provide the same level of utility. We see nothing to indicate that you can prepay with the Home Trust Preferred card, but it likely won’t make a big impact regardless. Cash advances are charged at 1.00% of the total advance amount when done through an ATM, but you can always withdraw cash from a teller instead.

Additionally, you’re already avoiding 2.50% foreign transaction fees when you withdraw cash, and Visa operates at the spot foreign exchange rate anyway. We’re sorry if we didn’t fully understand your question or didn’t answer in a satisfactory way. If you want to provide extra details or follow up, we’re always here. Thanks again!

GreedyRates Staff

SJF says:

Hi Thomesa, I also withdrew credit balances/prepayments with the Amazon card from Chase. Once you tried this with the Home Trust preferred Card, please let me know if withdrawing a prepayment works the same as it did with the Chase card or if Home Trust charges you extra (as a cash advance) whenyou withdraw your credit balance. Thank you very much. My email is

ted Joiner says:

Applied for Home Trust card in January(after finding out that my Amazon card was going to dissapear), finally April 10 I get a letter saying I am not approved. They then suggest I get in touch with equifax if I am wondering why. I know my equifax rating and it is high, we are retired, debt free, no bankruptcy, good savings.
Lately have been approved for american express, and last night I applied to Rodgers and was approved overnight. Customer service at Home trust is unable to help, and one cannot speak to anyone with authority. Seems to be issues with this company.

Howard Anthony says:

I applied for your no currency fee credit card for my wife and myself, that was a couple of months ago and we haven’t received any notice or credit card.
My name is Howard Anthony and my wife is Leona Anthony. Our address is 22 Danielle Cresent, London, Ontario.
Can you please advise that you received my application and if and when I will receive a notice that it has been approved and when to expect the cards. Thanks you

GreedyRates says:

Hey Howard, we appreciate you getting in touch with GreedyRates. Your frustration is understandable and totally justified in this case, and you’re not alone either. Ever since the Chase credit cards were taken off the Canadian market, Home Trust has been inundated with applications for their Preferred card by those who want to escape foreign transaction fees. This means that for the last several weeks, applications have been backed up and are being approved at a slower rate than the norm.

However, don’t worry. We’re confident that your application will be processed in due time, though as a review site and not the card issuer itself, we have no control over the matter. If you’d like a status update, we recommend calling Home Trust and inquiring. If you’re travelling on the sooner side, we suggest that you check out the next best thing: the Rogers Platinum Mastercard. Rogers credits your account with 3.00% cash back for every foreign transaction fee that’s charged, so when you’re buying things abroad or online, you net 0.50% cash back with each purchase. You can learn more about the card by reading our full Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

Let us know what you’re considering. Thanks and good luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Sarah says:

OK so I did get through on my 4th call after holding on for 40 mins this time. The attendant was very pleasant, polite and patient and answered all my questions. He told me that the reason for the delays is due to Amazon Chase shutting down and that they are still processing January applications and that the backlog is now 8 weeks and that to possibly wait 8 weeks before receiving my card. He said I will receive an email before receiving the card. So that’s how long we all have to wait.

NGS says:

You can get approval in minutes with any other financial institution, I gave up and who needs the humiliation and aggravation?

Jay says:

We just received the new Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite. No foreign transaction fees, and Priority Pass airport lounge access with six free per year. Card is $139 per year for primary and one spousal card, or $69 per year if part of Scotia Total Equity Plan. Initial credit limit of $25,000.

tgn says:

$139 + $69 for two cards!!! That’s EXPENSIVE!!!

GreedyRates says:

It’s a great card. Other readers interested in cards without foreign transaction fees can read our Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite review.

GreedyRates Staff

CPL says:

I applied over 8 weeks ago and I didn’t hear anything back? Should I call them? I need to replace my Amazon pretty soon 🙁

GreedyRates says:

Hi CPL, we appreciate your comment. If you’re in a rush to replace your old Chase Amazon card, the Home Trust card isn’t the best option. Though it is an amazing replacement for the Chase card, the company has been completely overwhelmed with applications lately and hasn’t been as responsive as they usually are. This is likely because Chase up and left Canada, leaving many people like you in the lurch. If you’re travelling soon and need to get that foreign transaction fee exemption, your other best bet is the Rogers Platinum Mastercard. While it doesn’t exactly cancel these fees, it does add 3.00% cash back directly on top, thus netting you 0.50%, where the Home Trust was 1.00%. However, in Canada you’ll earn more cash back with the Rogers card, at 1.25% versus 1.00% with Home Trust. Plus the Rogers card does not limit the number of daily transactions you can have on the card, whereas the Home Trust card does (to 10 per day).

You can compare the two directly by reading our Rogers Platinum Mastercard review as well.

Before cancelling your application, however, you should definitely call and inquire with Home Trust. Though the application process is backed up, you can still reach a representative relatively quickly. Good luck!

GreedyRates Staff

CPL says:

Thanks for your help. Update: I finally got an email that my application has been approved! I’m relieved I will receive it before my trip. I was already looking into CIBC Air Canada Prepaid Visa which sounds like a very good alternative if one has no time to do application.

SJF says:

With regards to the Home Trust Preferred Visa, I am not able to find the limitation of 10 transactions per day. Please kindly let me know where that 10 daily transaction limitation is stated. What
Happens if any given day you exceed the 10 th transaction? Thank you for your valued clarification.

GreedyRates says:

Hi SJF, thanks for coming to GreedyRates with your inquiry. The Home Trust Preferred Visa does limit its cardholders to 10 transactions per day, which might impact your spending ability. We called Home Trust and confirmed the veracity of this rule–it’s not visible even in the fine print, but it exists. Thankfully, after our own careful due diligence, GreedyRates is now able to put this factor out in the open to help prospective cardholders make their own decisions.

If you’re not sure that this restriction will be an issue, try to pay attention to how many times you use your card every day. Be sure to include purchases that you may not have to swipe for, such as Uber or food delivery applications. If you count more than 10, maybe opt for the Scotia Passport Visa card or the Rogers Platinum Mastercard, which both reduce foreign transaction fees as well and are not accompanied by the same daily transaction rule.

You can learn more about how the various cards that either waive or subsidize foreign transaction fees by reading our article on the subject. Good luck!

GreedyRates Staff

SRS says:

Hi CPL, as someone who also applied for the Home Trust Preferred Visa to replace my Amazon Visa card, I totally understand where you are coming from. I applied in late January and just received the actual card today, April 3. It was an unheard of waiting time in my experience, but it finally arrived. The one time I called in to inquire about it, I was on hold for 65 minutes, and then I had to hang up because I had an appointment. And my question submitted on their online form went unanswered, but I did eventually get a generic email update saying the card was on its way 2 weeks before I got it. Hopefully this is just a result of being flooded with new applications and not a sign of bad customer service. I will definitely give the card a chance, since all I want it for is the 0% foreign currency fee. Best of luck to you. 🙂

AFran says:

I could not even apply for the card. the link says 404 NOT FOUND. disappointing.

GreedyRates says:

Hi AFran,

From what we can see all of the application links on the page are working. Can you specify which link you’re trying to open that leads you to a 404?

GreedyRates Staff

Tom says:

Picked this card for one reason, no Foreign Transaction fee. If this is not your primary and only reason to choose the card just forget it. This card comes with the life time PIN number, yes there is no way to change or reset it. In case one forgets one needs to apply for a new card and it takes 14 days to get a new card unless you want to pay $39 for courier. Any problems requiring customer service help, one needs at least 45 minutes wait time on the phone and I just received the card yesterday. Good luck!

Evelyn says:

Which of these 2 cards is the better card to use for rental car collision and damage insurance for my upcoming trip: TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa or Home Trust Preferred Visa?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Evelyn, thanks for your question. When comparing the automotive benefits between the Home Trust card and TD’s Aeroplan Infinite Visa, the winner is clear. The former card from Home Trust offers a roadside assistance package that is very useful if you’re stuck somewhere, whether in your own car or a rental. It will help you get gas delivery, a short tow, rescue from the snow and other non-accident assistance for free. Since it’s a Visa, you’ll also get rental car collision damage insurance.

The TD card, on the other hand, doesn’t provide roadside assistance benefits unless you pay extra for membership to the TD Auto Club. It does give insurance for auto rental collision, however. Ultimately, in terms of car-related benefits, the Home Trust card is much better, but you should also look at each card’s other perks to determine which is best for you.

GreedyRates Staff

Stany says:

So is there anyone that actually got this card? I’ve applied over 2 months ago, never heard anything back, and when I tried calling, I was unable to reach anyone. Is this a real company, or an attempt to get personal information under the guise of credit card application?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Stany, we appreciate your comments and your concern. Home Trust is indeed a respectable financial institution, and can unquestionably be trusted with your financial and personal information. While we don’t want to give excuses, Home Trust’s customer service team is currently backed up with the huge influx of demand for their Preferred Visa card. It’s because Chase left Canada, and those who once used the Chase Amazon and Marriott cards to save on foreign transaction fees, for example, are now trying to replace it. The Home Trust card also waives foreign transaction fees, but if you’re frustrated by their customer service, we recommend that you look at the Rogers Platinum Mastercard instead.

Instead of 0.00% foreign fees and 1.00% cash back, the Rogers card still charges 2.50% fees for foreign currency transactions, but then credits your account with 3.00% cash back, giving you a 0.5% surplus. Domestically, it earns cash back at a rate of 1.25%. This means that you’ll earn 0.50% less on foreign purchases than with the Home Trust card, but 0.25% more when purchasing in Canadian dollars. The Rogers card also has another important advantage over the Home Trust card: the Home Trust card has a limit of 10 daily transactions, and the Rogers card has no limit. You’re not alone–many others are frustrated with Home Trust’s situation, and to them we’ve made the same recommendation. You can learn more about the Rogers card by reading our complete Rogers Platinum Mastercard review. Best of luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Bruce says:

I have the same problem with Home Trust. They won’t answer their phone or respond to email enquiries. I applied in January. No excuse for not having sufficient staff as even I knew 5 months ago that Chase was closing this bank.

Art says:

If you send a PM on their facebook page, they usually get back within 1-2 days I have found.

NGS says:

Same experience, and almost four months later declined with a credit score of 849? I have checking my credit report daily and they never have made an inquiry? What have they done with information I provided? Are these guys for real or what?

Theresa says:

Can I get another card on the same account? Free?
When returning a U.S. item paid by Visa, what is the rate?
I recently bought a hotel room online and canceled it the next day.
My RBC VISA carrier charged me a 1.35% conversion rate on the purchase, but I only received a 1.24% refund when I cancelled the next day. This never happened with my Marriott Visa. Whatever the going rate for that day was what I was charged. With The RBC Visa they were charging me for what it would cost to purchase Canadian$ from $U.S. what is Home Trust Visa and Rogers’ policy on return rates from U.S to Canadian $’s?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Theresa, thanks for your question. We’ve seen this happen a few times to other readers, and can give you a likely explanation. When you buy an item with a foreign currency, the bank uses the exchange rate at the time the charge posts, and not the exact moment the purchase takes place. For returns, it works the same way. Some stores process returns and refunds slower than others do, so the exchange rate your bank used may not have reflected the actual rate a day later, but rather multiple days later. Additionally, they must apply these currency spread fees on both sides of the transaction, to account for their own overhead.

Rogers and Home Trust both follow the same strategy, though the extra transaction fees that they charge on top of the spread are handled differently. Home Trust simply negates them, while Rogers pays out cash back to cover them (3.00% cash back versus 2.50% fees). However, you’re totally within your rights to call the bank and inquire about the altered exchange fees. Simply tell them that you didn’t expect the fees and ask to have them removed. It’s worked before, but success isn’t guaranteed! Good luck.

GreedyRates Staff

Anita says:

Hi, just wondering if you know if this card is compatible with Apple Pay? Thanks.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Anita, we highly appreciate you coming to GreedyRates with your inquiry! Home Trust is a relatively straightforward bank that offers credit cards with basic benefits, and it would surprise us if the card is Apple Pay compatible. While some other banks offer custom applications and other cutting-edge tools, Home Trust isn’t at this point yet and has focused more on providing solid, yet basic credit products to their customers. If you’re looking for cards that work with Apple Pay, check out RBC’s line of Visa or Mastercards, Visas from TD, Scotiabank, or CIBC, and MBNA as well. Many of these offer Apple Pay compatibility, allowing you to pay securely with your mobile device at the register. Best of luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Jack says:

Applied first week of January 2018 in which they said 2-3 weeks to receive it.. I am still waiting for our Visa cards.. Its March 20, our credit score is 865 Excellent and home trust still hasn’t done the credit check. Which means its still being processed…. Has anyone had home trust lose their Visa application??

GreedyRates says:

Hi Jack, thanks for leaving your comment with us at GreedyRates. We’re impressed with your excellent credit score and are happy that you’re considering the Home Trust Preferred Visa, but you’ll likely wait a while. Even with the best credit, applicants all over Canada have tolerated significant wait times to get approved by Home Trust. The likeliest explanation is that Home Trust, being a relatively smaller bank, is currently overwhelmed by applications because of the withdrawal of Chase from Canada. Chase used to offer their Amazon and Marriott rewards cards, which reduced foreign transaction fees to 0.00% (among other perks). In the gap left by their absence, Home Trust’s Preferred card is the next best thing, but Home Trust wasn’t prepared for its new popularity.

Though your application is still processing, we have no clue as to when you’ll actually receive your card. We’re now suggesting to readers like yourself that the Rogers Platinum Mastercard is a better option. Though it doesn’t explicitly cancel the 2.50% foreign transaction fees, it does credit 3.00% cash back for each of these transactions, netting you 0.50%. The domestic cash back rate is 1.25%, but you likely know all about it from our articles on the matter. Sorry for your frustration, and if you need anything else let us know.

GreedyRates Staff

lesley says:

I have tried to sign up for this card twice online – no response in 4 weeks or immediate email confirmation of receiving application. Tried called twice. First time gave up after 15 min on hold. Second attempt now still on hold 45 minutes!!! Seems like an awful company

GreedyRates says:

Hi Lesley, thanks for contacting us. We’re very sorry to hear of your frustrations with Home Trust, and you’re definitely not alone. Many others are experiencing long wait times and limited responses from the bank regarding their applications, and it’s likely because of Chase removing itself from Canada. In the gap left by their Amazon and Marriott cards, which once granted the best deal for reducing foreign transaction fees, Home Trust has been inundated with new customers.

If you’re looking for another way to reduce/eliminate foreign transaction fees, the Rogers Platinum Mastercard has a similar deal. But instead of reducing the fees to 0.00% like Home Trust does, the bank charges 2.50% but then credits you 3.00% in cash back to cover it. It also offers a higher rate of domestic cash back, at 1.25%. Their customer service is usually prompt and helpful, so if you need a solid alternative, go with Rogers. And, of course, let us know how you like it!

You can learn more about the Rogers card by reading our full Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

GreedyRates Staff

martin Derks says:

I applied for this card January 18th, i received e-mail thanking for the application and said it would take 3 to 4 weeks . It is now march 15th . I replied to their e-mail , no reply as of today. I tried phoning , twice, once was on hold 1/2 hour , tried later on hold 1 hour . I gave up . I really would like there card, but if you can not communicate with them that worries me.

GreedyRates says:

Hey Martin, thanks for voicing your concerns with us at GreedyRates. We share your disappointment. Home Trust has experienced challenges with the recent bombardment of applications for their Preferred card, now that Chase has removed their Amazon and Marriott cards from the market. However, there are other alternatives out there, like the Rogers Platinum Mastercard.

The card generates 3.00% in cash back for each foreign currency transaction abroad or online, but charges 2.50% in foreign transaction fees, resulting in an overall net gain of 0.50% (and 1.25% for purchases made in Canadian dollars). We agree that if you aren’t comfortable with the level of service you’re getting, you shouldn’t stick with the Home Trust card. If you need additional information about the Rogers card you can read our full Rogers Platinum Mastercard review. Thanks again.

GreedyRates Staff

Mary-Katherine says:

Hi. I have great concerns about this company. I applied on February 9 and as of yesterday, I had not received anything I called to check on the status of my application. I was on hold for 56 minutes before I was finally connected to the “Customev Service” representative. She was unable to provide me any information as the spreadsheet she had access to only indicate who was approved or not. I was told I should hear something at the end of the month. I was approved almost immediately for the Amazon Visa card. My credit rating is in very good standing. At the end of the call I tired to complete the Customer Satisfaction survey. I entered “1” for “Not likely to recommend Home Trust to a friend. I received the message that my response was invalid and to try again. I unsuccessfully entered “1” two more times and was disconnected. Customer service is obviously not a priority. Now looking at Roger’s MasterCard.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Mary-Katherine, thanks so much for coming and tell us of your frustrations. We’re also concerned with the recent back-up at Home Trust. Now that Chase has pulled out of Canada, cardholders who once loved their Amazon card for its ability to reduce foreign transaction fees are now jamming the doors at Home Trust. The Preferred card is indeed good at reducing these fees, but we’re encouraging customers disappointed in Home Trust to instead consider the Rogers card. Your comments are much appreciated, and we support your decision to come here and warn other readers about the disappointing progress at Home Trust. Enjoy your Rogers card!

GreedyRates Staff

Karen says:

I’ve applied for this card and have not heard back. I just tried calling their toll free number and the line keeps getting disconnected. Are they still taking clients? Seems odd that both the toll free and local (416) number both drop and can not connect to anyone. Do you know anything about this?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Karen, thank you for coming to GreedyRates. Home Trust is still taking applications for their amazing Preferred card, but with Chase recently cancelling their cards in Canada, there is a high demand among the Canadian public for cards that waive or subsidize foreign transaction fees.

If you don’t want to wait, you can consider applying for another card with a similar feature to combat foreign transaction fees, the Rogers Platinum Mastercard, which does have foreign transaction fees of 2.50%, but also credits you 3.00% cash back for each purchase you make in a foreign currency. So, each purchase on a business trip or vacation abroad nets you 0.50% total. In Canada, it earns cash back at a rate of 1.25%. Some also prefer this card to Home Trust’s because it does not limit daily transactions (Home Trust has a 10-per-day limit).

Whether you decide to wait for Home Trust to work through their backlog of applications or apply for the Rogers card, you’ll benefit either way. You can learn more about the Rogers card by reading our Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

Let us know what you think, and good luck!

Karen says:

Thanks for the information. I did finally receive the card. I’ll try it out and see how I like it. The first thing I’ve noted though is when you look at the transaction made in US dollars it doesn’t show the exchange rate that is being charged. I am one of those who had amazon chase and transaction in foreign currency rates were shown with them. The one plus I can see is the online website. Amazon Chase was difficult to log in to.

Mina says:

Hey Karen,
How long from the time you requested the card did you get it. I feel like I have been waiting for at least 6 weeks now to get this card. Did you finally get through, and that is what expedited you getting the card?

AG says:

Hey Karen,
The current waiting time for this card should be around 2 to 3 months. I personally decided to go for this one over the 2 Roger’s owned options due to its benefits were more straight forward. I personally applied on January 23rd and I haven’t got my card yet. Although I just got an email saying that it has been mailed yesterday which was nice. However, since I believe the bulk of the former Chase card holders have applied on February I believe that just short of 3 months sounds about right for new applications.

Karen says:

Hi Murray. Thanks for the information. I was with Amazon Chase so I decided to go with this card as well. I’ve received it and made a transaction in US funds. In looking at my account online, it does not show the conversation rate being charged. With Amazon Chase it showed the exchange rate. I always had difficulty signing in to the Amazon Chase account and at the outset Home Trust doesn’t have sign on problems.

Jack says:

I applied in early January and only received the H00000 number initially and no card yet which is now April 5 2018. I can also look at my Credit score which shows they haven’t asked for a credit check on it…Which is excellent. Almost 3 months now. Starting to think its a fraudulent visa card and may jeopardise your identity as identity theft with the application information..

Murray says:

I have applied for this Visa like all other Amazon card holders, while reading the answers are very good and helpful I have come to a question myself.
Hometrust assigns the PIN, I can’t enter my own? I see this as a potential security risk to me more than to Home Trust hope you can clarify this for me as I want to use my PIN thank you.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Murray, we appreciate you leaving a comment with us. Also, thanks for giving us positive feedback for our reviews! We’re glad you decided to apply for the Home Trust card, now that the Amazon Visa cards aren’t taking Canadian applications, but you should know that the bank is currently overwhelmed with demand. It might take you a while to receive your card, but when you do, you’ll likely be able to change your PIN by calling customer support. Otherwise, be assured that Home Trust keeps your information safe. No one will know the PIN they assign you, other than yourself and the bank. If you don’t want to wait for the card or think their way of handling PIN codes is a deal-breaker, check out the Rogers Platinum Mastercard instead.

With Home Trust currently shouldering the demand from customers previously with Chase, Rogers is being overlooked. Their Platinum Mastercard also helps with foreign transaction fees, but in a different way. Instead of eliminating them, they simply credit you 3.00% cash back for each eligible purchase in a foreign currency, which nets 0.50% after the 2.50% foreign transaction fee. In Canada, the cash back rate is a competitive 1.25%. You can learn more about the Rogers card by reading our full Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

Check it out and let us know what your opinion is.

GreedyRates Staff

Drew K says:

It’s fairly standard now with CHIP cards that a PIN is generated for the card. The FI I am at, the card provider sends the PIN separate and in advance of the Card so they are never together unless you don’t check your mail regularly. As far as the bank knowing the PIN. Im not aware of any way a bank can look up a customer’s PIN. The payment system knows it, though it’s likely encrypted. It’s probably no less risky than punching in your PIN whenever you use the card.

Roland says:

Can i preload my Visa account with say for example $1000.00 before leaving for France and wen i do a purchase there it is deducted from my balance minus of course the exchange rate.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Roland, thanks for your question! With the Home Trust card, you will always pay 0.00% in foreign transaction fees instead of the industry-standard 2.50%. In France, this applies as well. All your purchases there will incur no extra fees and simply be subject to the spot exchange rate from Euros to Canadian dollars. In other words, it’ll happen exactly you describe in your comment. Safe travels!

GreedyRates Staff

Allan says:

Are there restrictions on what you can use the 1% cash back for?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Allan, thank you for reading GreedyRates! With the Home Trust Preferred card, you’ll earn 1.00% cash back on all your purchases, with no limits on how much you can collect. You can redeem this cash back on just one thing–reducing your balance. Once per year in December, just call Home Trust and indicate to them that you’d like to redeem your collected cash back during the upcoming January. Unfortunately, there aren’t any merchandise rewards you can buy with the cash back, but when you think about it, being able to apply your cash back directly to your balance is more flexible anyway.

GreedyRates Staff

Anita says:

How many authorized users can you have on the home trust proffered visa

Allan says:

I would have only one.

Boyd Kramble says:

What is the status of my application #ht 00000 44418

GreedyRates says:

Hi Boyd, thanks for coming to GreedyRates. Unfortunately, we can’t know the status of specific applications for credit cards on our site. This is information only available from the banks and issuers whose cards we review, so you’ll have to call them and find out via a customer service representative. Home Trust has a support line at 1-888-281-7793. Best of luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Daniel says:

Applied for this card seeing the Amazon Visa card will unfortunately be discontinued. When I shop online or cross the border there is no sense to pay a 2.5% conversion fee when there are options available to you. Hopefully this card is hassle-free like the Amazon card. The roadside perk seems to good to be true? Are there any stipulations compared to BCAA? I pay $60 a year for that service and it would be great to cancel my membership.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Daniel, thanks for leaving your comment with us! We’re also disappointed that the Amazon Visa is no longer available, and agree that 2.50% foreign transaction fees are painful. The perk of not paying foreign transaction fees is even more beneficial when shopping online, and we can confirm that the Home Trust Preferrred Visa card really is as good as advertised. You’ll get the straightforward benefit of zero foreign transaction fees, but we think you might be overstating the benefits of roadside assistance. It’s simply a membership, meaning that the only thing you’re saving is the annual fee you’d otherwise pay to a different service. We can’t compare it directly to BCAA, but assume it’s something similar: you have freedom to call them whenever and wherever you’re stuck (in Canada), and they’ll come rescue you, for a price. You can therefore likely cancel your other roadside programs without putting yourself at risk.

We also highly recommend the Rogers Platinum Mastercard. With that card you pay foreign transaction fees, but you earn 3% in cash back on purchases in a foreign currency, resulting in a 0.5% net cash back gain. This is less than the 1% net cash back gain from Home Trust, but unlike Home Trust the Rogers card doesn’t limit the number of transactions you can make with the card each day, and it’s also available to Quebec residents (if that’s relevant to you). You can learn more about the card by reading our full Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

Let us know what you decide!


Daniel says:

Thanks for getting back to me! I will look into the Rogers Mastercard shortly as I have not heard back from HomeTrust and it has been a few weeks. It seems others are having this issue as well. My credit score is pretty good so I would be confused if I got declined. Perhaps I have to just be more patient.

Charlotte says:

What if you are going to Europe? Does the Hometrust Visa just charge you the amount in Canadian dollars with no conversion rate or is that only for US dollars??

GreedyRates says:

Hey Charlotte, thank you for leaving such a savvy comment! It’s important to know exactly how the card saves you money before applying, so it’s great you asked for more detail. Here’s how it works: when you use the Home Trust Preferred Visa in Europe, the card converts euros to Canadian dollars at the standard Visa exchange rate. You’ll see the amount in euros converted to CAD in your bank statement. Today, you’d be spending $1.57 for each €1.00, for instance. However, with most other credit cards, you’d be charged an extra 2.50% foreign transaction fee on top of the item’s purchase price. With the Home Trust card, you’re instead exempted from these fees, which saves you a lot of money during your trip. Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip.

GreedyRates Staff

Mary says:

My apologies for the dumb question, but is the card available to any location in Canada (outside Quebec)? The reason I ask is because I saw a post on another site that said it wasn’t available in my area (Ontario). Thank you

GreedyRates says:

Hi Mary, thanks for your question–and no, it’s not dumb! Every inquiry, no matter how small, gets the same amount of attention and consideration here on GreedyRates. We’re not sure which site you got your information from, but the Home Trust Visa Preferred card is available to Ontario residents without issue. It’s just Quebec residents that aren’t eligible. You’ll be able to find this out easily simply by trying to apply for the card itself. In the application, there’s a field labeled ‘Province,’ and you can see here that all of Canada’s provinces (Ontario included) are listed except for Quebec! Enjoy the card–it’s one of the most popular options right now due to its lack of foreign transaction fees.

GreedyRates Staff

Len says:

It’s a real toss up (for me anyways) as to go with Hometrust visa or Fido Mastercard. Both are no conversion fee cards (just the fx on the cash amount) BUT there are several disadvantages to the Hometrust card:

1)Can’t change the issuer-issued PIN without having to “buy” a totally new card ($9.99 IIRC) and
2)No chip technology

Fido has chip and you can change the pin yourself. A

Another disadvantage of hometrust is 10 transactions per day. For example, if you and your sig other buy 5 separate coffees in a day (ie 10 separate transactions), you can’t use the card till the next day. Dollar amounts don’t matter (within your credit limit of course).

IMO, I’m leaning towards Fido because of the above disadvantags.

Plus their approval/get-the-card-to-you turn around time is significantly less than home trust.

Kingsley says:

Where did you see that there is a limit of 10 transactions per day? I can’t seem to find that statement.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Kingsley, thanks for checking in with us. We can confirm that Home Trust Visa Preferred card limits cardholders to 10 transactions per day. Though there isn’t much evidence of this restriction online, we spoke with Home Trust directly and they verified it. You can do the same if you like. Thanks!

GreedyRates Staff

Tina B says:

Hey is this card paid off in Canadian funds through my Canadian bank or the bill has to be paid in the currency charged (aka if I charge something in the states do I pay back in US funds or in the Canadian equivalent)?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Tina! Interesting question! The Home Trust Preferred Visa charges all purchases in CAD, and for those that require exchanging from a foreign currency, these costs are absorbed by the issuer and not put onto you. If you buy in dollars, for instance, Home Trust allows you to pay the exact price of your purchase in CAD at a later date, no fee included. If you have any other inquiries, feel free to ask. Thanks for reading.

GreedyRates Staff

Dany says:

Hi, I tried to apply online for the Home Trust Preferred Visa but I got to the address filed it offered no choice for the province of Quebec in the top-down menu. Is this a programming error or are resident of Quebec no allowed to get this card?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Dany! We understand your frustration and share it with you, as we do with all the other residents of Quebec. Unfortunately, the card isn’t available to Quebec applicants, and we’ve updated our article to reflect this fact and avoid any further confusion. Instead, Quebec residents can get an arguably better alternative: the Rogers Platinum Mastercard. People love the Home Trust card because it exempts them from foreign transaction fees, and while the Rogers card does not, it does add 4.00% cash back on top. Each transaction made in a foreign currency earns 4.00% cash back, and because the foreign transaction fee is 2.50%, that means purchases made abroad net you 1.50% total. At home, the card earns 1.75% (for CAD purchases).

You can learn more about the Rogers card by reading our complete Rogers Platinum Mastercard review. Check it out further and let us know if that suits your needs.

GreedyRates Staff

Tomer r says:

Which credit card is the best for traveling outside of Canada?

GreedyRates says:

Hey Tomer! We have a list of our recommended Canadian credit cards for travel, with different cards winning in different categories. Take a look at that and see which cards meet your priorities as a traveller.

As an alternative to the Home Trust card, the Rogers Platinum Mastercard is simple but powerful for travellers, as it earns 4.00% cash back on transactions made in a foreign currency, and 1.75% on domestic expenses. This way, no matter where you go you’ll earn cash and avoid pesky fees. You can learn more about the Rogers card by reading our complete Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

Safe travels Tomer!

Jeffrey says:

Hi, I applied for the card online four weeks ago. Since then I still have not received any acknowledgment regarding my application, whether I’ve been turned down, nor did I receive the card. Is this common business practice for Home Trust?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Jeffrey, thanks for your question. With any issuer, especially those inundated with applications for their popular cards (such as the Home Trust Preferred Visa), you may wait a while before hearing back. You can call and inquire, if you like, but do not jump the gun and reapply. Some of our more impatient readers have ended up with two identical credit cards this way. One month is usually the most anyone will wait, so sit tight another week and then give them a call.

You might also check your credit report to see that the application shows up on it. If it does, that means that Home Trust received the application, reported it to the credit bureau and is currently processing it. Thanks for reading.

GreedyRates Staff

Sha says:

I applied January 22 and on February 5, I received an email stating “We just wanted to let you know that we have received your request and you can expect to hear back in the next 3 – 4 weeks. Thank you for your patience and thank you for choosing the Home Trust Preferred Visa.” It’s now March 13 and I have yet to receive my credit card. I wrote a follow-up email and they haven’t responded. Apparently reaching them by phone is near impossible. I really wish I hadn’t applied. You can read about what people are going through here: You’re not alone!

GreedyRates says:

Hey Sha! Thanks for coming to GreedyRates. We understand your frustration with the long wait and are very sorry to hear that Home Trust hasn’t responded yet. However, understand that the company has been inundated with applications for the Preferred card due to the Chase cards’ cancellations in Canada. If you don’t want to wait for them to clear their backlog (we don’t know when this will be), you should consider applying for the Rogers Platinum Mastercard. It has an arguably better foreign transaction fee deal, in that they credit 3.00% cash back for each transaction instead of simply negating the fee. This way, you’ll earn 0.50% all said and done (after the 2.50% foreign exchange fee), and also 1.25% on purchases made in Canada. You can learn more about it by reading our complete Rogers Platinum Mastercard review and let us know if you have any questions, otherwise, be patient and we’re sure that Home Trust will get back to you soon.

GreedyRates Staff

Tim says:

I’m in the exact same situation. I applied Jan 13. It’s a little frustrating because I’m going to the States
in a few days, and might be there past March 15, when my Amazon visa “expires”!

BSH says:

I also applied a few weeks ago, but yesterday received my pin numbers in the mail, so I expect the cards will arrive within a few days.

GL says:

Hi BSH, can you remember how many weeks that you waited until received pin numbers? I applied two weeks but no repies until now. I also checked my credit report from TransUnion and Equifax, no records.

AG says:

I applied on January 23rd. On February 2nd I received an e-mail saying: We just wanted to let you know that we have received your request and you can expect to hear back in the next 3 – 4 weeks. Thank you for your patience and thank you for choosing the Home Trust Preferred Visa. Today is March 2nd and i haven’t received anything yet. The waiting time should be getting even worse as more people start researching for a card to replace their amazon visa. So sit tight fellows. On this note: I can foresee one of the big banks buying Home trust like Scotia did with Chase so all Canadians are trapped on a foreign transaction Fee fish bowl .

Susan says:

Does the auto insurance cover for 3rd party or is it just the car you rent?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Susan, thanks for your great question! To address your question about the Home Trust Preferred Visa’s rental car protection program, we first need to know what you mean by 3rd party. Do you mean someone travelling in a separate car in your group? If this is the case, their accident will not be covered by your card. The card is in your name, not theirs, and was used to rent your vehicle, not theirs (if we have this correct).

If you rented two vehicles with your card, and the driver of the second vehicle gets into an accident, it’s likely that you still won’t be covered because you weren’t driving. We recommend checking with Home Trust by calling customer support. Also ask them if the damage insurance is primary (eclipses your other insurance) or secondary (your insurance comes first, but Home Trust’s might cover your deductible, for example). Good luck.

GreedyRates Staff

Cate says:
This says “Offered exclusively to Home Trust mortgage customers”?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Cate, thanks for the question! Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time this inquiry has popped up in the GreedyRates comment section. Per our knowledge, this small snippet of information is outdated and a small mistake on the part of Home Trust. We’ve drawn this conclusion after having many of our readers successfully apply for the card regardless of with whom they have a mortgage, if they have one at all. In short, it’s safe for you to apply and we encourage you to do so. The Home Trust Preferred card is one of the most in-demand that we’ve seen lately. Enjoy!

GreedyRates Staff

Arwen says:

What does the below mean? “Account Maintenance: for an inactive Credit Card Account with a credit balance that has not changed for 360 consecutive days, a fee of the lesser of $10.00 or the full credit balance will be charged on that date.”

GreedyRates says:

Hey Arwen, thanks for coming to GreedyRates with your comment! We’ve had some questions about the account maintenance charge from others as well, but thankfully it isn’t as bad as you think. To avoid this $10.00 fee, you’ll just have to use the card once during the year, even for something as small as a pack of gum.

Essentially, not using the card at all costs Home Trust money, so they charge a small fee at the end of every year that you don’t use the card (even once) to pay for something. The “lesser than” rule means that if you have a credit balance that’s $250, you’ll pay $10. If your credit balance is $6, you’ll pay $6. More cards than you probably realize do the exact same thing, so it’s nothing to be afraid of. If you got the card–just use it! Good luck.

GreedyRates Staff

Michelle W says:

For “a fee of the lesser of $10.00 or the full credit balance will be charged on that date”, I understood this as either balance or $10, but if you have paid off your balance and are carrying $0, does that mean you don’t get charged? Getting dinged for “inactivity” is usually stated explicitly as “inactivity fee”, which wasn’t expressed in the Disclosure Statement.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Michelle, thanks for your request for clarification. With the Home Trust Preferred card, it’s true that you’ll be charged a small fee for not using the card during the yearly billing period. We agree that the fine print is ambiguous: “The lesser of $10.00 or the full credit balance”, it means that this fee will be either $10.00 (if your balance is more than $10.00) or whatever the amount of your balance is currently. Here are two examples:

1. If your balance is $50.00 and you didn’t use the card within the last year, the charge for inactivity will be $10
2. If your balance is $4.60 and you didn’t use the card within the last year, the charge for inactivity will be $4.60
3. *But* those that have been inactive with the card for a year and who do not carry a balance at all (aka a ‘0’ balance) will be charged the full $10.

We recommend making at least one small purchase on the card each year to avoid this fee entirely.

GreedyRates Staff

Jean says:

Hi! Does anyone have a link to the auto rental certificate of insurance? We are going to Costa Rica in March, and would like to know if the car rental protection applies there.

Rich vandervelden says:

What is the scoop on the free travel insurance

GreedyRates says:

Hi Rich, thanks for coming to GreedyRates. We believe you’re referring to the free roadside assistance program that Home Trust Preferred Visa cardholders obtain with membership. This is different from auto insurance (or any kind of insurance) because it doesn’t reimburse you for anything, it just helps you get help should you become stuck on the side of the road, or get into an accident. Essentially, every roadside assistance program (like CAA, for example) costs a membership fee, which gives you the right to call them and have someone from their network come rescue you. Home Trust gives you this membership for free, but should you need to use it, you’ll still have to pay towing and other costs.

GreedyRates Staff

tazg says:

The benefits of the roadside assistance have been reported elsewhere, for example creditcardGenius:

Apparently we get the following for free, for up to 4 calls a year:

– towing up to 5 kilometers
– gas delivery up to 5 liters
– tire change
– battery boost
– door unlock
– winching

However, I haven’t found any review site to provide any source for this, and there doesn’t seem to be anything mentioned on Home Trust’s own website about this except a single sentence:

“Roadside Assist membership at no extra charge”

They have one Cardholder Agreement, which is generic and applies to all their Visa cards, and also doesn’t mention the roadside assistance. Seriously, where is this documented? And what about other details like coverage areas, or who provides the service…?

GreedyRates says:

Hi Tazg, thanks for your comment. We understand your frustration with Home Trust’s website, and agree that it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of detail. The roadside assistance membership that Home Trust cardholders get entitles them to up to four of the following services every year for free:

– tow to the nearest garage or within 5km
– changing of a flat tire(s)
– gas delivery up to 5 liters
– rescue from being stuck in snow or ice
– door unlock for keys locked in the car

Essentially, if you’re stuck for any reason, Home Trust will send someone out to you. However, real car accidents are not covered by this benefit, and will instead require a towing service. Regarding who exactly Home Trust sends to help you, the bank partners with a wide range of garages and towing companies across Canada, so whoever arrives depends on exactly where you’re stuck. Overall, for no annual fee, the benefit is quite worthwhile.

GreedyRates Staff

Ann says:

I have been using my Visa to withdraw funds from ATMs in foreign countries. I preload the card with cash before leaving home. Compared to using our debit card the rates we receive have been much cheaper. Example – pesos by Visa $14.90 to the Cdndollarcompare to debit card $14.45. Will this be different if I get the home Trust Visabased on the information about a 1 to 1.5% charge?

GreedyRates says:

Hey Ann, thanks for stopping by GreedyRates. We’re glad you’ve found a nice companion in the Amazon Visa, but you should know that in March of this year, Chase is cancelling all Amazon cards in Canada. You may already know this, which is why you’re looking at alternatives. As far as the Home Trust Visa goes, the card charges a 1.50% fee for taking money from an ATM outside the US and Canada, with a minimum fee of $5.50 and a maximum fee of $15.00.

The Rogers Platinum Mastercard also helps with foreign transaction fees, but by crediting 4.00% cash back for each purchase made abroad. With this card, you’ll be charged 2.50% foreign transaction fees at the ATM, plus the $2.00-$3.00 Rogers charges for ATM withdrawals. Cash advances aren’t eligible for the 4.00% bonus, so you’ll likely be paying more at the ATM than you otherwise would with the Home Trust card.

You can learn more by reading our full Rogers Platinum Mastercard review.

GreedyRates Staff

Kim says:

A few questions:
I will likely see it in the booklet that accompanies the card, but what roadside services are provided?
Is there an online site that allows me to see the balance of the card? And can I pay the balance online?
I would be using the card in the US (natch) Bulgaria and possibly Amsterdam. Is conversion from the Bulgarian lev and Dutch krona a problem?

GreedyRates says:

Hey Kim, thanks for the interesting and detailed inquiry! To address your question about the roadside assistance program, from what we understand it’s simply membership to a service that can send someone to help you should you encounter car troubles of any kind. It won’t cover the costs of towing or temporary repair, it’ll just give you a lifeline when you’re in a strange area and have no one to call.

As far as the online portal for Home Trust, they’ll provides services via their web page. For specific questions about whether their platform meets your expectations, we suggest calling a customer service representative.

If you’re carrying this card and need to withdraw Bulgarian lev or the Euro (Netherlands is part of the Euro currency union), you’ll be able to do so without issue, but be warned that there is a 1.50% ATM fee. The fee drops to 1.00% when withdrawing cash domestically. Hope we helped–safe travels!

GreedyRates Staff

Matt says:

Do you think this might be the site providing the Visa International Rate?

Michael says:

Looks like a good calculator to us!

GreedyRates Staff

Dan says:

Hello, does the monthly statement require payment in USD or converted to CDN? If in USD, how do I pay the statement? Thank you.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Dan, thanks for your question! We appreciate the inquiry but believe you’re mistaken in how one goes about paying his or her monthly statement. The Home Trust Preferred Visa is a Canadian card, meaning that the monthly balance is denominated in CAD and not USD, so there will be no need for conversion if you’re using CAD to pay it off.

GreedyRates Staff

Frugal Father says:

Great replacement for the card which is being discontinued in March 2018.

Rae says:

“The card has few downsides….”
Can you please explain those downsides so it’s transparent to those wanting to apply for this card? Thank you.

Michael says:

Hi Rae, thanks for coming to us for clarity. We’d be glad to outline the downsides for you here. First off, one must remember that the Home Trust Preferred Visa isn’t as robust as some of the other cash back cards floating around out there, in that its cash back rate is limited to 1.00% and then restricted to a once-per-year redemption (in January). Other cards might allow you to earn more cash back and redeem it flexibly.

Another downside is the ATM fees, which we’ve discovered thanks to the eagle eyes of another reader, who pointed out the fact that the domestic ATM fee is 1.00%, while one will pay 1.50% abroad to withdraw their money.

Despite these caveats, it’s still technically the only card in Canada that waives foreign transaction fees, and we do recommend it for those who travel a lot and/or make a lot of purchases in foreign currencies. Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any other questions just reply below!

GreedyRates Staff

Mona says:

Is the site Home Trust Preferred Visa safe to enter your application information?

Michael says:

Hey Mona, thanks for your inquiry. We’re glad that you’re looking out for your online safety, as inputting sensitive financial information into a risky site won’t end well. However, rest assured that the link we’ve provided to the Home Trust Preferred application on our site (below) is very safe. You can recognize sites that are more secure by looking for an ‘S’ following the ‘HTTP’ in the browser’s URL bar.


GreedyRates Staff

Jen says:

The site is not secure to enter your info.

AL says:

It’s HTTPS with a cert when applying for the car, not sure why you say it’s not secure.

Jen says:

what exactly does the free roadside assistance program offer?

Jenna says:

You’re protected for up to four emergency roadside services per year. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in North America. Emergency towing service will take you to any garage within a 5km radius. If you run out of gas, have 5L delivered to you free of charge. Also included are tire service, winching, battery boost and lost key lockout assistance.

Jen says:

Does anyone know if the Home Trust Preferred Visa offers free supplementary cards?

Jen says:

I wasn’t charged for a card for my wife.

Arwen says:

how to redeem the cash back?

Michael says:

Hi Arwen, thanks for your question! We’re sorry that Home Trust doesn’t make it more apparent how cash back is redeemed, but we’ve found your answer in the fine print supplied in the PDF form for potential applicants. Check out the page below and refer to number six:

You can see that cash back is earned on a monthly basis (as 1% of your total monthly earnings, minus your remaining balance), but that this amount can’t be applied to your account until January. To do this you’ll need to go online or call and request the redemption in December (the month before).

GreedyRates Staff

Vito says:

Must you call in or can you notify by logging into ones account or via email perhaps?

Vito says:

As it turns out, I contacted them directly and was emailed back stating that they do NOT need to be contacted, as it is currently set up to automatically credit your card in January of each year. Amazing! 🙂

Dave says:

Huge downside: take a hard look at the ATM fees for this card: 1.5%, with high minimums and maximums, and even higher minimums outside Canada. For those who were thinking of using this as a travel card, think twice. Yikes.

Michael says:

Hey Dave! We recommend this as a credit card for making purchases at checkout, not as a card for ATM withdrawals. For ATM withdrawals we recommend the use of debit cards. Anyone who wants to avoid foreign transaction fees can simply use the card (not cash) for the majority of their purchases abroad.

GreedyRates Staff

lavender says:

Do you know how the cash rewards are paid? Is it cash back to monthly statement or we they send a check? Anyone has this info?

Michael says:

Hi Lavender, thanks for your question. We did some digging in the fine print, and if you refer to section 6 of the Home Trust CashBack Rewards Terms and Conditions it says that, “[Cardholders] will accumulate CashBack Rewards over the course of a calendar year beginning with the Purchases shown on [their] January Account Statement. [They] will redeem the CashBack Rewards in December each year and credit [their] Account in January of the following year.”

This is similar to how many cards operate. Though you accrue cash back each month according to that month’s balance, you can only gain access to it in January, and then only if you remember to begin the process beforehand during the month of December. Hope that helps!

GreedyRates Staff

David says:

I found a downside to this card. As with many things in life The Home Trust Preferred Visa is not available to residents in Quebec.

Bill says:

Quebec has enough. Stop complaining.

Gordon Pratt says:

The devil may be in the details.

How does Visa International set its exchange rate?

For instance, if the “wholesale rate” is C$1.00 = US$0.80 a bank might charge C$1.012 to sell you US$1.00 and buy US$1.00 from you for C$0.99.

I wonder how big the spread is between Visa International’s buy and sell rate.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Gordon, thanks for getting in touch.

You’re right, the lack of transparency in how issuers determine rates could mean that they profit slightly from the exchange of different currencies. However, we cannot confirm this, as our relationship with Visa is far removed from those with this kind of insider knowledge. If you’re curious, you could try calling customer service and asking about it.

GreedyRates Staff

No FX fees please says:

Check out their calculator.

Between CAD and USD, you’ll find only about a 0.5% spread. Other cards will add 2.5% on top of that.

PHT says:

You say:

“The Preferred Visa is no exception, approving applicants as long as they meet their provincial age of majority and are not in bankruptcy.”

It should noted that HomeTrust DOES have underwriting criteria and some folks online report being denied due to too many cards or previous delinquency.

The big deal with HomeTrust (who are traditionally a sub-prime lender) is that they adjudicate the underwriting of everything they do manually. This prevents gaming the system and ‘looks beyond the score’.

Although I use it very little – I’m happy to carry it and grateful to HomeTrust for their products and their customer service.

Some cons:

-No way to change PIN (literally needs a new card being issued)
-While statements are available online in pdf (better than Chase!) – you can’t turn off the snail mail copy of the statement.

Jason says:

Thats what is holding me back from applying to this card, the paper statements!

i hate paper statements especially because i am usually gone for 3-4 months a year away. At the moment I have a Fido Mastercard which gives me 1.5% and no FX trasacation fee but it doesn’t come with added benefits like Car Damage Insurance and Purchase protection as Home Trust preferred Visa. Its still a decent card to have… I might get it or not depending on how bad i need the damage insurance and roadside assist.

Amalia says:

Home Trust Visa Card

“Purchases or Cash Advances in a foreign currency will be converted into Canadian dollars at the exchange rate set by Visa International in effect on the day the transaction is posted to the Account, plus a 2% currency conversion charge.”

Is this not the same as the foreign transaction fee?

GreedyRates says:

Hey Amalia! Thanks for posting your comment. Unfortunately, you may be looking at the wrong page or link. Try navigating to this page:

Click on the Apply Now button and read the box entitled ‘Foreign Currency Conversion’, you’ll see this: “Purchases or Cash Advances in a foreign currency will be converted into Canadian dollars at the exchange rate set by Visa International in effect on the day the transaction is posted to the Account, plus a 0% currency conversion charge.”

We’re not sure where you see 2%, but we assure you that the Home Trust Preferred does not charge foreign transaction fees. Thanks for coming to us to double check!

GreedyRates Staff

gee says:

Hi. I just fill up the application form and at the end it did not show my confirmation number. How can I get my confirmation number? Thanks

GreedyRates says:

Hey Gee, thanks for your question. When applying for the Home Trust Preferred Visa card, you’ll receive your confirmation number in the email address you listed on the application itself. If you haven’t received it yet, give it another couple days and then call Home Trust to confirm that they’ve received it. Don’t try and apply again until you have an answer from them, as you don’t want to apply for the same card twice, which could prove both redundant and a slight credit risk, should you cancel it immediately. The best thing to do is sit tight for now, and trust that customer support will deliver you a satisfactory answer. Good luck!

GreedyRates Staff

Ash says:

I used this card in US and it worked great as expected and their rental coverage insurance team is great too. The only issue which is minor is that their pre-authorized payment option only allows minimum payment rather then full balance. Also may be it was just me but the zip code trick at the gas pump using 3 numbers from postal plus 00 didn’t work. It used to work with amazon chase thought it would have been a standard visa process but may be not.