Capital One Canada Delta Sky Miles Adds Priority Boarding

Capital One Canada Delta Sky Miles Adds Priority Boarding

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In a move that continues the trend of ever increasing value propositions, Capital One Canada has added Priority Boarding to its Delta Sky Miles Canadian credit card.

Andrew Clarke, spokesperson for Capital One Canada, says  “on Monday, August 26, all current and future Capital One Delta SkyMiles World MasterCard customers will benefit from Priority Boarding on all Delta and Delta Connection flights.

Priority boarding (or Zone 1 boarding) means cardholders and their travel companions may avoid the long general boarding queue, and best of all, boarding earlier means a good chance there will be overhead room for your carry-on baggage – no more bags at your feet taking up precious foot room.”

Why Airlines have decided to split cabins into boarding zones in the first place is a topic for another time. But given the reality of current air travel, this is not a bad thing. In fact, we expect to see more credit card perks similar to this as Canadian airlines begin to follow the U.S. lead of charging for each and every incremental service.

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