June 2017 Roundup: New Promotions and Card Updates

June 2017 Roundup: New Promotions and Card Updates

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June is a great month to be alive, and even greater if you’re a member of the GreedyRates family. Check out what you can get with your National Bank World Elite Mastercard and Amex Card this month only!

*Dear GreedyRates readers: An earlier version of this article included an exclusive deal with WestJet for June. Unfortunately, we at GreedyRates misunderstood our partners at WestJet, for which we apologize to both our readers and our partner.

For those GreedyRates readers that signed up with the understanding that the deal was in place we will take it upon ourselves to make things right.
For those who applied for a card through GreedyRates June 22 – 24, 2017 and were approved, WestJet will honor the offer as originally posted. If you meet that description, please send us your WestJet Rewards details via the contact form on our contact page. We will then pass that information on to WestJet.

American Express

American Express Gold Rewards CardOne of the biggest issues Canadian cardholders have traditionally taken with American Express is its limited usability, since many locations don’t accept this form of payment. Well, Amex has listened to the public’s longstanding complaints, and they’ve made some significant policy changes this month that will make their cards far more accessible to the average Joe and could dramatically broaden their reach.

Policy changes include:

  • American Express has removed the minimum income requirement for new card applicants. In the past, you needed to have at least a $40,000 personal income to be eligible. Now, any Canadian can apply. This opens the door to students, low-income citizens, or those who work off the books.
  • They’ve also loosened up their bankruptcy-free policy for new applicants. Formerly, new applicants had to be bankruptcy free for at least 7 years prior to application. That period has now been reduced to only 2 years, a major game changer for Canadians who had a rough spot but have worked their way out of it.

And regarding the fun stuff, each type of card that American Express offers has an updated and improved membership rewards points status.

There’s also a first-year annual fee waiver (save $99) for the Gold Rewards card, making it even more appealing, and the Platinum card is a must-have for frequent flyers with a lot of travel perks like lounge access and elite status.

National Bank World Elite Mastercard

National Bank World Elite MasterCardSign up anytime before August 15th, 2017, and get 25,000 bonus points in return (up to $250 in value). This promo is coming as part of National Bank’s bold move toward the travel sector. They’ve previously not been very active in this industry, so it should be a good chance for Canadian cardholders to reap more benefits from the healthy competition that this card will generate. Click here to apply for it now.

*This post was not sponsored. The views and opinions expressed in this review are purely my own.

Article comments

karim says:

Hi, I just contacted you as I have yet to receive the Silver status and was also within the time period mentioned above. Is there anyway you can provide the Contact information of the WestJet CSR that is handling this situation.


GreedyRates says:

Hey Karim, thanks for your comment.

We do not maintain relationships with individual customer service representatives for any of the issuers we cover. Unfortunately, we have little control over how card issuers and banks behave, all we can do is determine if their promotions are valuable and make recommendations. We always strive to produce transparent reviews and will not continue to suggest cards that are bad for consumers. In tough situations like these, all we can recommend that you do is call customer service and ask for your call to be transferred to a manager. If you’ve already done so, be patient, as they are likely handling a large influx of such requests. We apologize and hope you continue to follow up with us as the matter progresses. Thanks again.

GreedyRates Staff

Hung says:

How do we know that the Westjet silver upgrade is going to be approved after filling out the form? There’s no email confirmation.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Hung, thanks for following up.

We understand that it was unfortunate for many customers who signed up for the WestJet promotion, and again we strongly apologize for the mistake. If you are one of those who was approved during the window between June 22nd and 24th, and were declined for the upgrade to Silver status as originally advertised, then we’re glad to hear you followed our instructions for resolution.

We have your information, as well as that of the other readers who may have been affected and are working with WestJet at the moment to relay the correct benefits to everyone. The unique nature of our mistake makes it necessary that we right this wrong as quickly as possible, and in our urgency to provide a solution we neglected to include a confirmation email to our form.

However, you can be sure that we are working hard to resolve the issue and get you what you deserve. Our quickly-bootstrapped solution may be unconventional, but sometimes a little creativity is necessary to get what you need. Have faith, and stay in touch! You will soon attain your Silver status with WestJet.

GreedyRates Staff

Hung says:

Thanks for the reply.

When do I find out that my status changes to silver?

I’ve received no reply backs from my emails.

GreedyRates says:

Hi Hung. Thanks for sticking with us!

If you successfully got in touch with the issuer and confirmed your eligibility for the promotion, then you do not have to wait long. They will likely update you via email, but if not, continue logging into your account over the next few weeks for visible proof of your new status.

If you’re having no success via email, then try the phone lines available, as this often connects you with a representative more quickly. Hang in there and let us know how it goes.

GreedyRates Staff

Kim says:

Hi: your note states that there is a free upgrade to silver with Westjet, just for reading the site! Are existing RBC Westjet card holders eligible for this offer?