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Best CIBC Credit Cards Canada 2019

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CIBC—the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce—is one of the ‘Big Five’ in Canada, providing an inclusive variety of financial services and products to people around the country, and the globe as well. Credit cards are central to their strategy of delivering financial flexibility and convenience, with their selection including cards for travel rewards, cash back, businesses, low interest, and more.

Even for someone who knows they want a CIBC credit card, choosing the right one can be daunting, given the sheer number of options available. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve determined the best CIBC card in each category and have gone into detail about why each is a winner.

CIBC Travel Credit Cards

CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Prepaid Card

CIBC AC ConversionCIBC’s Air Canada AC Conversion card isn’t a credit card—it’s a prepaid card—but that doesn’t detract from its efficacy. The card’s ability to hold up to $20,000 spread across 10 different supported currencies is very useful, especially for those who want to avoid foreign transaction fees while abroad. It also provides an alternative to carrying large amounts of cash around in unfamiliar areas. When making a purchase in a foreign currency, the AC Conversion card will determine the transaction currency and automatically use the relevant currency if it’s preloaded on the card. This saves the cardholder from foreign transaction fees that are commonly 2.50% or higher, per transaction.

Cardholders can preload currencies onto their card whenever they like and lock in their exchange rate at the time of purchase. For upcoming vacations or business trips overseas, it’s useful to catch a favourable rate to save even further – especially when it doesn’t cost an annual fee. One free international ATM withdrawal is permitted per month. Overall, the CIBC AC Conversion card represents a strictly finance-focused tool for mobilizing your cash efficiently, regardless of the currency you’re transacting in.

  • $0 annual fee
  • Load up to 10 currencies to a maximum of $20,000
  • Prepaid card: cannot build or use credit
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals in Canada
  • One free monthly international ATM withdrawal
  • 24/7 support

Click here to apply for the CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Visa Prepaid Card

CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Card

CIBC Visa Aventura InfiniteWith a full range of insurance perks, generous introductory bonuses, and the ability to earn Aventura points which can be spent on airfare from any airline (and more), there are few travel cards as flexible as the CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite card. Cardholders have a great introductory bonus to look forward to, with a 20,000-point package, $120 travel credit, plus an application fee rebate when you sign up for the NEXUS program granting expedited border crossing into the US. You’ll also get complimentary membership to Priority Pass and 4 annual vouchers for its 1,200+ worldwide airport lounges.

The card provides instant savings on all purchases, but the fastest rate of rewards comes when travel is booked through the CIBC Rewards Centre, at 2 points per $1 spent. The card also earns 1.5 points per $1 spent on gas, groceries, and drugstore purchases, and then 1 point per $1 everywhere else. It’s especially nice to be able to book on any airline using Aventura points and also use them to cover fees and taxes. Additionally, the card works to protect travellers with a truly impressive array of insurance perks, including coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, flight and baggage delay, rental cars, travel accidents, and of course travel medical needs.

  • $120 annual fee
  • Earn 2 Aventura points per $1 spent on CIBC travel
  • Earn 1.5 Aventura points per $1 spent on gas, groceries and drug store purchases
  • Earn 1 Aventura point for every $1 spent on anything else
  • Comprehensive insurance package for travellers
  • Triple welcome bonus: NEXUS application fee rebate, $120 travel credit, and up to 20,000 points
  • Priority Pass membership and 4 lounge passes
  • Book on any airline, any seat, and any date with no restrictions
  • Redeem points for other rewards like merchandise and gift cards

Click here to apply for the CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite card

CIBC Balance Transfer Credit Cards

CIBC Dividend Visa Card

CIBC Dividend Visa CardThough the Dividend Visa from CIBC is known as a simple, straightforward way to earn cash back on frequent expenses, it doubles as a lucrative balance transfer deal. New cardholders who transfer a balance or balances from another credit card can access 0.00% interest on this amount for 10 months, after paying a standard 1.00% transfer fee. This deal stands among some of the best in the Canadian market currently. Coupled with a low minimum income requirement of $15,000 and a $0 annual fee, the card provides an accessible yet focused package of benefits.

While those who transfer a balance are able to avoid interest entirely for 10 months, they’ll simultaneously earn cash back at an accelerated rate on groceries and can also look forward to receiving 1.00% back on virtually everything else (or 0.50% until they spend $6,000). Cardholders will earn 2.00% cash back on their grocery purchases, which for many represents their largest monthly expense. We also appreciate the inclusion of some valuable peripheral benefits on the card, such as common carrier travel accident insurance, purchase security and extended warranties.

  • $0 annual fee
  • Earn 2.00% cash back on groceries
  • Earn 1.00% on everything else
  • No limits on the total cash back you can earn
  • 0.00% for 10 months on transferred balances
  • Purchase security and extended warranties

Click here to apply for the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite card

CIBC Rewards Credit Cards

CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card

CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa CardIt’s hard to go anywhere in Canada where there isn’t a Tim Hortons, making the chain’s tasty sandwiches, doughnuts and coffee a nearly universal temptation in our lives. Hot Tims coffee is a staple in many workplaces, and cardholders who find themselves stopping by their local store to pick some up for their team will also find the Tim Hortons Double Double Visa from CIBC especially useful. All of the card’s purchases earn Tim Cash at a rate of 1.00%, which can then be spent at the counter instantly on anything at Tim Hortons.

A $0 annual fee is complemented by a welcome bonus of $20 in Tim Cash once you spend $200 on the card, which is enough to buy your coworkers or friends a free round on you. As a cardholder you’re also a member of the Tim Hortons club, giving you the chance to get free featured products every weekend, access new trial products, and even eat complimentary Timbits on your birthday. Your card is both a TimCard and your CIBC Visa all in one, allowing you to save space in your wallet but also save money on a frequent expense. Its $15,000 minimum income requirement makes it very accessible for applicants relative to other rewards cards, and a great option for those who desire purchase and savings power without strict eligibility criteria.

  • $0 annual fee
  • Earn 1.00% in Tim Cash on all purchases
  • Spend Tim Cash instantly at Tim Hortons
  • Get $20 in Tim Cash as a welcome bonus
  • $15,000 annual income requirement

Click here to apply for the CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa card

CIBC Cash Back Credit Cards

CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite Card

cash back credit cards cibc dividend visa infiniteIn terms of fast cash back from the widest array of purchases, the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite card is the best the bank offers. As an introductory bonus you’ll earn 10.00% cash back on all purchases in your first 4 statements until you’ve spent $2,000. Then, its strong 4.00% regular cash back rate on gas and grocery purchases means that cardholders are almost constantly saving money on what are sure to be among their biggest monthly bills. Everything that falls out of the gas and grocery category will earn cash back at 1.00% (except for Tim Hortons and TELUS, which earn at 2.00%) and there’s no maximum on how much cash back can be collected.

The card’s competitive rate of cash back is worth its $99 annual price tag and the array of other features. As a Visa Infinite card, it comes with some much-appreciated travel perks alongside cash back, such as 15 days of out-of-province medical coverage, trip interruption insurance, flight delay and baggage insurance, and access to luxury options and benefits at international hotels and travel programs. We also like that the card provides coverage for rental cars, as well as new purchases with extra security against damage and theft, plus extended warranties.

  • $99 annual fee
  • 10.00% cash back bonus on all purchases in your first 4 statements
  • 4.00% cash back on groceries and gas
  • 2.00% cash back on Tim Hortons and TELUS
  • 1.00% cash back on everything else
  • Comprehensive travel insurance benefits
  • Visa-provided access to luxury hotel and travel perks

Click here to apply fo the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite card

CIBC Dividend Platinum Visa Card

CIBC Dividend Platinum Visa CardApplicants who are interested in the Dividend Visa Infinite card, but who don’t want the extra insurance benefits, or who can’t meet the $60,000 annual income requirement will likely turn to the bank’s Dividend Platinum card. It has cash back perks that are virtually identical to its big brother above but excludes insurance perks in exchange for a minimum income requirement of just $15,000. Cardholders will still get the generous 10.00% introductory cash back bonus on all purchases, the same 4.00% cash back on gas and groceries, 2.00% at Tims and TELUS, and 1.00% on everything else.

There is still some basic insurance offered via the Dividend Platinum Visa, such as auto rental collision and damage coverage, travel accident coverage and protection for newly purchased items. Overall, it’s one of the best ways to earn cash back at a competitive rate, without being asked to meet lofty minimum income requirements.

  • $99 annual fee
  • 10.00% cash back bonus on all purchases for 4 statements
  • Minimum income requirement of $15,000
  • 4.00% cash back on gas and groceries
  • 2.00% cash back at Tim Hortons and TELUS
  • 1.00% cash back elsewhere
  • Basic insurance and new purchase protections (damage coverage and extended warranties)

Click here to apply for the CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite card

CIBC Low Interest Credit Cards

CIBC Select Visa Card

CIBC Select VisaCIBC cardholders who know that they may be carrying a balance at some point will enjoy the Select Visa card thanks to its capacity to reduce interest charges. The card’s competitive interest rate of 13.99% on both cash advances and purchases ensures more flexibility with how cardholders take advantage of their credit, and a simultaneous balance transfer promotion further aids in their savings efforts. The special offer from CIBC gives new cardholders a 0.00% interest rate on their transferred balances from other credit cards for an impressive 10 months (after a 1.00% transfer fee). Though cardholders must pay an annual fee of $29, this relatively low amount can be eclipsed by the interest payment savings potential.

It’s important to know that the cardholder will only be able to transfer 50% of their approved credit limit to the card if they wish to do a balance transfer.

  • $29 annual fee
  • 13.99% interest on purchases and cash advances
  • 0.00% for 10 months on transferred balances
  • Low $15,000 yearly income requirement
  • Common carrier accident insurance

Click here to apply for the CIBC Select Visa card

CIBC Student Credit Cards

CIBC Dividend Visa Card for Students

CIBC Dividend Visa Card for StudentsThe student version of CIBC’s excellent Dividend Visa is logically called the Dividend Visa for Students, and it offers an array of features that are largely identical to the other card. This is surprisingly rare for a student credit card—to offer matching financial power to those who likely can’t meet any real income requirements or credit score goals (and aren’t asked to by CIBC either). Students will earn an impressive 2.00% cash back on their grocery store purchases, and then 0.50% on their other purchases. After spending $6,000 with the card in any year, their “all other purchases” cashback rate is upgraded to 1.00%.

Students who are transferring a balance from another credit card will also be able to take advantage of CIBC’s worthwhile promotion, which gives 0.00% interest on this amount for one’s first 10 months as a cardholder. All this is provided for no annual fee. In terms of value and accessibility, CIBC’s Dividend Visa for Students is nearly ideal.

  • $0 annual fee student card
  • No minimum income requirement
  • 2.00% cash back on groceries
  • 0.50% to 1.00% back on everything else
  • Common Carrier Accident insurance
  • Purchase security and extended warranties

Click here to apply for the CIBC Dividend Visa Card for Students

CIBC Business Credit Cards

CIBC Aventura Visa Card for Business Plus

CIBC Aventura Visa Card for Business PlusCIBC offers business owners a small range of credit cards that help maximize rewards earnings from monthly expenses, which can then be redeemed on travel. The CIBC Aventura Visa card for Business Plus starts cardholders off with a bonus of up to 35,000 Aventura points (20,000 for a single initial purchase and then 15,000 more for spending $3,000 within 4 months), plus a $120 travel credit. The card collects 2 points for every $1 spent on travel through the CIBC rewards centre, and then 1.5 points per $1 spent on gas and travel booked from elsewhere (flights, hotels, vacation packages, car rentals etc.), with 1 point per $1 collected from every other purchase. Aventura points can be redeemed for any flight on hundreds of airlines with no blackout dates or seating restrictions (including taxes and fees). Check our Loyalty Program Bible and you’ll see that Aventura points have a variable dollar value depending on what you redeem them for, with options that also include merchandise, gift cards, and more, so be sure to consider this advantage.

Besides earning valuable Aventura points wherever they go, business owners will enjoy the thorough reporting available through Visa. Visa Payment Control and Business Reporting offer more control to those who may need cards for their employees (up to 15 of them) and monitor spending or set pre-approved limits. As a business travel card, it’s only logical that the Aventura Visa also comes with thorough insurance that includes coverage for flight delays and baggage, rental vehicles, trip cancellation and interruption, and more. Cardholders will also appreciate saving up to 25% at Avis and Budget rental locations worldwide.

  • $120 annual fee
  • Bonus of up to 35,000 Aventura points plus a $120 travel credit
  • Earn 2 Aventura points for every $1 spent on CIBC travel
  • Earn 1.5 Aventura points for every $1 spent on gas and travel
  • Earn 1 Aventura point per $1 spent elsewhere
  • Up to 25% off at Avis and Budget worldwide
  • Visa Business services
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • Purchase security and extended warranties

Click here to apply for the CIBC Aventura Visa Card for Business Plus card

CIBC bizline Visa Card for Business

CIBC bizline Visa Card for BusinessAimed at startups and businesses with a more limited financial history, the bizline Visa from CIBC is a purposeful tool for accessing a high credit limit and low interest at the same time. Cardholders will pay as little as 1.50% interest above CIBC Prime rates (on cash advances and purchases) and receive a credit limit of up to $50,000, lending enough financial flexibility to help them take their small business to the next level. Getting the card requires a reasonable annual income of $35,000, and it doesn’t ask cardholders to pay an annual fee either.

Up to 9 supplementary cards can be printed at no additional yearly cost, allowing employees to access company funds responsibly and inexpensively. Though it offers little in the way of auxiliary benefits, it’s still nice to see complimentary travel accident insurance, if nothing more. Generally, the CIBC bizline card represents a solid strategy for a small business to access affordable credit and exercise greater flexibility.

  • $0 annual fee
  • Up to 9 supplementary cards
  • Interest rate as low as 1.50% + prime on cash advances and purchases
  • Credit limit up to $50,000
  • Good for small businesses with revenue between $35,000 and $5 million

Click here to apply for the CIBC Bizline Visa Card for Business

Article comments

Richard says:

CIBC Dividend Visa Infinite classifies gas and groceries in the Retail and Grocery classification along with clothing and shoes, Department and discount stores and specialty retail. It would appear that in addition to gas and groceries the 4% cash back applies to these purchases as well or do they have another way to pull out gas and groceries from the others?

The GreedyRates Team says:

Hey Richard!

Thanks for the great comment. We’re glad that you’re loving the CIBC Dividend Visa and are discovering new perks about the card such as its fast rate of cash back on groceries and gas. However, we’re not sure that the card actually offers 4.00% on clothing, shoes and other retail items at department and discount/specialty stores. We looked in the fine print for the card and the 4.00% is applied to purchases “classified by the credit card network as grocery stores or service stations/automated gas dispensers.” There’s no mention of retail, so we believe that you might be mistaken. Mind commenting back to us with how you discovered this?

Normally a credit card is able to differentiate between retailers and even between purchases, based on the merchant code and product code scanned at the time of purchase. This is why some Walmart locations are labeled as retail and some as grocery (Supercentres), for example. Visa isn’t in the business of leaving any loopholes open, so don’t get excited quite yet!